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ECS 435
Oct 15, 2023
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An IFSP includes the strengths and needs of the family as well as of the child because it is focused on supporting the child and family in order for the child to meet the goals that are set for them. This means the family must also learn how they can support the child. When the child progresses to an IEP at the age of 3 years, the team becomes focused on the child and how to support the child in their education. When we write an IEP, it is important to state the families concerns for the child and address where the child is currently at, and share the strength of the family in supporting the child as a strength for the child. I believe we should include the families strengths and needs in a way that is focused on the child while also letting the family know that we are listening to their concerns as well. This aids in building a relationship with the family and child which increases the ability for us to work as a team with the focus being on how to support the child.
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