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Oct 16, 2023
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Pre-Internship| MFTO 601 Abilene Christian University Material Meier and Davis Guidelines 1 - 22 Analysis Read Guidelines 1-22 of the Meier and Davis (2019) text. Complete each section below. Cite your sources when necessary, and use APA formatting guidelines when appropriate. Include a reference for the text. 1. Meier and Davis Guidelines 1-22 Summary What were the most salient issues from guidelines 1-22? Briefly describe what made these stand out to you. 2. Amending Guidelines Identify a guideline or an aspect of a guideline from 1 - 22 that you disagree with or you feel needs more, then write it below: Indicate your level of disagreement on the scale below: Agree Disagree Explain your level of agreement or disagreement: How would you amend your selected guideline? 3. Counseling Process Guidelines In the first section about the counseling process, what is the most important guideline in your opinion? Why did it stand out from the other guidelines? Explain your answer:
Pre-Internship| MFTO 601
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