CRIM1004 Theoretical Criminology Tutorial Week 2 T32023

CRIM1004 THEORETICAL CRIMINOLOGY Tutorial - Week 2 The Nature of Crime
2 ASSESSMENT 1 - ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Due Monday, Wk 5, 16 October. Selecting one (1) type of crime, write an annotated bibliography 1000 words (+/-10%) in length that examines the causes of the chosen crime. Your annotated bibliography must comprise three (3) academic sources (either articles from academic journals or textbook chapters) For each source: Provide an overview by summarising the key arguments and findings presented Identify the suggested motivations for the crime and link these to criminological theories Describe any suggested methods for preventing or responding to the chosen crime and/or identify the strengths and weaknesses of arguments presented and the overall quality of research
1. Concise descriptions + Analysis/Evaluations of each source (you need 3 sources for Assessment 1) 2. Overall Introduction (approx. 70 words) 3. Summary (~80 words per source): Keep it in one paragraph (only key points and relevant details) Don't summarise the literature review of the source 4. Evaluations/Analysis (~230 words per source): Focus on their arguments about motivations and preventions (e.g. use the theoretical concepts to support or refute the author's argument). Optional: You can comment on their quality of research if you find relevant (e.g. how does the quality of research affect the strength of the author's argument?) ASSESSMENT 1 - ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY
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