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Oct 18, 2023
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Senario One Men 1: Alright, this is Carl. How old are you?. Men 2: 39 Men 1: You're obviously a male. Right. So you've seen the posters on the trailer yeah? Men 2: Mm hm.. Men 1: So, did you like the posters? Men 2: Yeah, those were very good. Men 1: What did you thi, what did you like most about them? Men 2: The boldness of them. I like the way they stand out of them. Men 1: Yeah. Ermm.. How would you change them, if you were to design the posters? How would you change it? Men 2: Try to do something a little bit more 3-D. So it's as if the posters are coming out at you. Men 1: Yeah.. So what genre do you think uh, these posters fall into? Men 2: Uh.. the comedy one. Men 1: And if this, if uhh.. this film is in the cinema would you go and see it? Men 2: No. Men 1: Why not? Men 2: Cause it.. It's Uh.. it's too mature first. Men 1: Okay, and uh.. Just the same with the trailer really.. What did you like about the trailer, or what did you not like, you know? Men 2: It was.. funny in some parts, but repetitive in others. You knew what was coming. Men 1: Mmmm. So how would you change it? Men 2: *sigh* I don't know, I obviously, you know.. *slight laugh* I don't know. Men 1: So again, obviously you think the trailer falls into comedy as well? Men 2: Yeah. Men 1: And, so you wouldn't go and see this film? Men 2: No. Men 1: Okay, well that's about it. Thank you. Men 2: No problem. Scenario Two Men: Okay Women: Mmm Men: Alright okay. This is Belinda Marmarmont. How old are you? Women: 46 Men: and you're obviously a female. Right so you've looked at the, the trailer and the poster. First of all what did you think about the posters? Did you like them or did you not like them what did you like? Women: Erm, they're ok. Men: Erm, what did you like about them? Or did you really not like them? Is there anything specific.. Women:
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