Assignment Write up #2

Jocelyn Martinez SOC 1100 Professor Fuentes 15 October 2023 Assignment Write up #2 Reyna gained so many skills from just her life experiences and learned many skills as well from her professor Diana and her professor at UCSC, Marta. Reyna is known for her amazing creative writing skills. The ability to express her emotions and explain her life experiences through writing is a very tough skill that not many people have. Reyna says, "I turned to writing to save myself, to record and remember, to give meaning to my experiences." (Grande, page 35). Not many people want to remember these traumatic experiences and definitely do not want to write about them. These life experiences and the courage to write them down and share them to the world helped build her confidence in her writing and is able to teach others how to have that confidence in writing. Reyna says, "...I taught them how to put together a good sentence, a good paragraph, how to take ideas, thoughts, and opinions and make them come to life on the page." (Grande, page 33). Writing can be very hard especially since it can be hard to translate your thoughts into words and then onto paper. Reyna was able to help people build their confidence in writing, and that's not any skill that just anyone has. But along the way of her college experiences, she has made many mistakes. And everyone is bound to make mistakes, we are human after all. Some mistakes can be easy to forget about and some may be hard to come back from. I would not necessarily consider this specific situation and mistake, more like a life learning experience. Taking in Betty and trying to force a lifestyle onto someone else. I understand that Reyna only wanted the best for her younger sister, she wanted to take care of her
and she wanted to set her up for success. But the mindset Betty had was totally different. Taking in Betty while she was living in her college dorm, with no money to spare at all was something that Reyna should have thought through more. It was way too much responsibility for her, especially in the position that she was in. Sometimes people don't want to change their ways and sometimes you cannot force a lifestyle change onto them. That was the case with Betty. Betty had no intention in continuing higher education and in a way Reyna had to come to terms with that decision. It is Betty's life after all and she has the right to do whatever she wants with her life. I am not saying that Reyna should not take care of her sister or look out for her, but I believe there could have been another option but I might be wrong. I feel as if Reyna should have waited until she was in a better financial situation and then brought Betty with her to Santa Cruz. This experience can now help Reyna in the future, teaching her the importance of boundaries and the lesson that everyone has different life paths and sometimes we just can't change that.
Bibliography Grande, Reyna. A Dream Called Home : A Memoir , Atria Books, 2018. ProQuest Ebook Central , .
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