April 1st Notes

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Oct 17, 2023
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April 1 st Notes Violence Against Women - Background o Men typically possess more power than women o Economic, cultural, business power - Sexual Harassment o Sexual touching, verbal o Most occur in work and school setting o Its defined more from a work point of view because there is a certain guideline for employees and sexual harassment o Quid pro quo - What's the focus? o We live in an unequal society o Under pressure, don't have a choice - How often does it occur? o More often than its recorded o 20-40 % of undergrad students have been harassed o Women who are in men profession are sexually harassed more often even in the military - Reactions? o Affects their lives; depends on if they get a promotion or a job etc. o Feeling anxious, scared, depressed o Reduce life and job satisfaction o Women who experience SH can be less confident on academic or occupational ability - Sexual Assault and Rape o Forms of sexual contact o Psychological threats o 20% of women have been coerced into having sex o Biggest myth is it only occurs with strangers Mostly occurs with the partner (husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend) o Common in cultures where women are subordinate o How often is raped occurred? Not everyone reports it o Differences in rape and sexual assault o 85% of women knew the person who knew them - Acquaintance Rape o Someone a woman knows BUT NOT a family member o Only 40% classified it as rape o Rape can be traced to miscommunication o Woman being friendly is miscommunicated as being flirtatious o A lot of rape takes place when alcohol is consumed
- Women's reaction to rape o Women are horrified, confused, overwhelmed o Women blame themselves for getting raped o Did not ask for consent o Long term effects last for years o Attempt in suicide - Fear of Rape o Every woman in the world, they do something to prevent getting rape o Take a lot of precautions to be raped by a stranger rather than taking precautions of someone you know - Public's attitude about Rape o No means no o Double victimization o Rape is never acceptable o Women are also rapists towards men, it is not just men raping women o People are more likely to blame women - Myths about rape o Rapists are strangers o Women "want" to be raped She was wearing this o Women who say yes to sex, later on say they were raped Unless a woman yells NO doesn't mean you should do it o Porn has no effect on men's rape Influences for sexual assault Emphasizes that violence is okay against women - Child Sexual Abuse o Happens with people they know o Very traumatizing for a child o Everything they consider safe is violated o devasting forms of sexual violence o 15-30% o Boys being assaulted Gender Roll Spill Over - context of hiring One long answer In mc- only 30% from what was taught before the last section 70%- will be from recent 30% will be from previous midterm chapters Ch 11,12,13,14,15 will be 70% all other will be 30% Use slides as a guide Watch the videos
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