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PLCY 313
Oct 11, 2023
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z What is Advocacy ? PLCY 313 : Advocacy In The American Political System
z Everyday Advocacy Personal Advocacy. Advocacy is an essential tool used in everyday human interactions. It is utilized countless times a day to 'live your life'. If you are encountering other are advocating. If you live on a deserted island or abhor all human contact, maybe you are free from personal advocacy. You could have social anxiety disorder or anthropophobia also. Who might be the target of such advocacy...even if someone is alone ? A wise man once gave me a lecture about the 'greatest indoor sport'. I guarantee most of you engaged in this 'greatest indoor sport' some time today. Most mistakes we make in life (and I have made a ton) are the direct byproduct of this GIS. And most political mistakes are related to this GIS as well.
z Public Policy Advocacy Who Are The Targets of Our Lobbying or Advocating? Who is the person or committee or commission or agency empowered and entrusted with the subject matter you are trying to affect? It could be one person or dozens of people. Each individual target needs a separate and distinct approach or campaign. This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY
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