McKannLS698Seminar 7 Summery

Sarah McKann Professor Bermingham LS 698 October 9, 2023 Seminar 7 Summery Good morning, Professor. I lost track of time last night and only realized it when it was 7:30pm so I didn't want to get credit even though I missed the first half. I want to stay honest about my work. So, I am sorry for not attending. I'm sorry you were tired I hope you got a good night's sleep. I was wondering if with the final paper can we include an autoethnography section. I really think that is beneficial to research papers. I have never had experience with the Federal Judicial Center. Actually, I am a trained mediator, and it has never been brought up in any of my training. I have not thought about my research design, but I really need to get on it. My understanding is qualitative is more social and gives context to data where quantitative is more hard numbers. Stats v chats is very clever. I would probably use a mixed method regarding my research project. I think a year would be sufficient for completing my research. I stayed away from globally for my research project because cultures are so different worldwide what is considered abuse and what is acceptable is so very different. I had to look up morbid jealousy I had never heard that phrase before this class. I think the only thing I can bring from my prior course is the literature review, a lot of this is new. Well, we talked about it but it was not done as formal assignments. Thank you for going over everything in seminar. I hope you have a great day.
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