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SOC 330
Oct 9, 2023
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SOC 330 Module Six Worksheet Ethical Challenges Name: Anna Calkins Course and section number: SOC-330-H7618 Soc of Minority Relations 23EW4, 6-2 To complete this worksheet, review the Module Six Worksheet Guidelines and Rubric document. 1. Read each of the situations that follow. Decide if the person is behaving ethically or unethically, and explain why, using content from the American Sociological Association's Code of Ethics.
Situation Ethical or Unethical and Why (Write three to five sentences) A social advocacy group conducts a scientific study to assess the degree of and types of discrimination a specific minority group experiences in the community. The president of the social advocacy group, when preparing a report based on the study, leaves out any data that can be interpreted as a lack of discriminatory practices. The behavior is unethical. The code of ethics lays out acceptable and unacceptable ethical behaviors. Principle B: Integrity. "Sociologists conduct their affairs in ways that inspire trust and confidence; they do not knowingly make statements that are false, misleading, or deceptive" (ASA, 2018). Principle C: Professional and Scientific Responsibility. "Sociologists also value the public trust in Sociology and are concerned about their ethical behavior and that of other sociologists that might compromise that trust" A teenager who is a Muslim immigrant is attacked in what is now being tried in the courts as a hate crime. The teenager and her family are severely traumatized and are avoiding speaking to reporters. Because the teenager is underage, her identity is not publically known. One of the family's friends is a member of the board of a social advocacy group that works on behalf of all immigrants. This friend asks the family to provide details about the attack so that the social advocacy group can feature the teenager's experience in a proposal to obtain more federal funding for their work. asking for details just to acquire funding is not being respectful of their rights or their dignity This person is also being unethical according to Principle D: Respect for People's Rights, Dignity, and Diversity, by asking for details just to acquire funding is not being respectful of their rights or their dignity. The Integrity principle was violated as well.
2. What are some of the ethical challenges you have encountered in analyzing the issue you selected for your final project? For example, maybe you identified a personal experience that was causing bias in your perceptions. Identify two to three such challenges. When researching the topic of police brutality, I attempted to keep an open mind and not allow my own personal biases to affect how I research my topic. However, the biggest bias that I feel that stood out to me was the fact that when searching police brutality I searched events of the actual action, and nothing of the outcome, unless it was a negative outcome, and been a high media case. The hardest part is to see the world through the eyes of the ones affected. Honestly, being a white female in this society, I feel safe from these kinds of events, as well as my lifestyle is nothing of that sort. However, when I hear of these instances, my heart hurts, as well as my mind is confused on how someone can be in that kind of position, as I think that if they were to just follow the laws and the polices demands one would be safe. However, that really is not the case. It's honestly me not realizing that I wasn't keeping a fully open mind on the topic. 3. What ideas do you have for addressing one of these challenges? For instance, in the case of the ethical challenge used as an example above, you could make an effort to reduce your bias by ensuring that the research you use for your analysis provides multiple viewpoints, not just your own. Write a one- to two-paragraph description of your ideas to address the challenge. To fully open my mind to the reality of police brutality, and to see that even if they were to follow commands, they are still at risk just because they are in a minority group. Research past the fact of the action, as well as before the action. To try and gain knowledge on the entirety of the events and what leads to the negative and dangerous reactions of the police. 4. Save this worksheet and upload it to Brightspace. References American Sociological Association (ASA). (2018). ASA Code of Ethics. Retrieved from https://www.asanet.org/sites/default/files/asa_code_of_ethics-june2018a.pdf
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