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Lozano 1 Adalina Lozano Professor LaTavya F oster 1301-71218 11, Oct, 2023 Loyalty over Love Loyalty over love is a very opinionated topic in the world of being in a relationship. Relationships are built of Loyalty and love. People seem not to have a set answer on which one is the more important one. All over the world, people have their reasons why loyalty is more important or whether love is more important. More than half of North America says that love is found in being loyal to someone, but other parts of the world have a different point of view. Loyalty is especially important; it makes people have respect while having a thought about you. Love is what makes the heart grow fonder of your partner. There has been a debate plenty of times on whether love or loyalty is more important in a relationship. In my opinion, Loyalty is more important because it holds a lot of value, and having for one another builds stronger bonds, and without loyalty, you will result in heartbreak. First, loyalty is a complex concept, which can be interpreted from many perspectives. It is related to many other terms such as love, friendship, family, relationships and many more. Loyalty is the fundamental element of this concept. Without the knowledge of loyalty, a strong relationship can never be built, whether you claim to love the other person or not. Besides feelings, loyalty is also valuable in many other areas. Many people know that devotion is another word for loyalty, but it is certain that loyalty can only be the foundation of devotion. Loyalty is like a child who likes to play hide and seek, always with you but sometimes hidden. Most people do not show their
Lozano 1 loyalty in hidden ways, but loyalty is something that should not be hidden. To me, loyalty is when someone is there for someone else. Loyalty is a virtue that many people should strive for; he enjoys the trust and respect of many people. A loyal person can never disappoint someone because they are trustworthy. Loyalty is everywhere and there are many types of loyalty. Loyalty to outsiders is one of many types of loyalty. We have all shown loyalty to strangers at least once. When people follow rules somewhere at school, at work, and at home. This shows loyalty. Loyalty will always build trust in a relationship whether it is a romantic relationship or just a friendship, loyalty is something that will always prove itself. "Loyalty means being consistent in your treatment, behavior, and regard for another." Said by the author in the article The import of loyalty in your relationship. When you think of a consistent relationship you think of a happy relationship. Just because you love someone does not mean you respect them, treat them good, or are consistent with them. "Loyalty involves accepting and loving someone for who they are." Said by Dr. Romanoff. That said, when you think about it, why would you fall in love with someone who is not loyal to you? Through my experience loyalty has been a huge thing for me, I was in a 2-year relationship almost 3 when I found out that to the other person loyalty was not everything, he told me he loved me during the day, but it was like during the night he was going behind my back. How could you be so "in love" with me but u turn around and backstabbed me? Loyalty, trust, our
Lozano 1 bond was broken. I was always afraid of this happening because my whole life I knew my mom and dad did not have the best relationship and I did not want to be like this with the person I would soon be in love with. Oh, but it happened it happens to most people I believe. It was an absolute heartbreak for me, I was broken. I never wanted to love again after that, how does loyalty play such a big part, I kept asking myself "why." But once I started finding myself again, I realized a lot, he never respected me or us. Some people believe love is the most powerful, most important thing to have and to cherish in a relationship, which is also correct. Love is the thing that makes you feel happy, "love is another form of dedication, passion, and consistency" said by Roshan Bhodekar. He speaks on why love is the more important thing; love is what brings the passion to be loyal to your partner or friendship. Love is what brings value to someone's life, their word, their everything's. Love is also important because people are social, they talk to everyone and anyone, it is especially important to have a relationship with someone u love and can always turn to. In conclusion, loyalty will always be over love for me, even if it is neck and neck, loyalty is what brings respect, and dedication and it brings joy to people who are looking for a partner that will always be there for them in a needed time. Loyalty is what I feel most people should start to think about now because it could result in you breaking the love of your life's heart.
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