CJ-520 4-1 Public Policy Chart

Public Policy Chart Instructions and Template PUBLIC POLICY ISSUE HOW ISSUE HAS BEEN HISTORICALLY ADDESSED KEY TRENDS WHY A CHANGE IS CALLED FOR POTENTIAL NEGATIVE COLLATERAL CONSEQUENCES The public policy that I have chosen for my Milestone is date rape. Date Rape is not widely discussed but happens often all over the world. In the United States, date rape affects 35% of women, ages ranging from 18 to 24. Date rape is where a victim knows of their rapist and is forced by them without consent into sexual intercourse. In history, rape was not seen as a crime early on because women were considered "property". And has been the most underreported crime in America. Date rape had been viewed as a societal issue that occurs during potential and established relationships. The first rape crisis center was created in the 1970s and since then various laws have been created to address rapes and provide punishment for it. Even medical protocols have been implemented. There has been a movement called #MeToo that has shined a bright light on sexual assault and violence that have really opened lawmakers' eyes on this matter as well. A change is being called for in the departmental policy via media outcry, legal decisions, and interest groups because as previously stated, this is one of the most underreported crimes here in America. I stated that my departmental policy was the improvement of law enforcements response to sexual assault and domestic violence and preventing gender bias, many people do not report their rapes because of how law enforcement handles these situations and how desensitized they can be towards certain genders. When it comes to addressing the potential negative collateral consequences of the changes, I have proposed to date rape and sexual and domestic violence, I see none. Other than an increase in the registered sex offenders list and making life harder for them when they get out. But I see that as being fit for them. The victim has to live with that every day. The only other consequence I could really see that would be negative would-be funding. Having money to provide recourse and safe spaces for victims could cause problems in the state, cities, and federal government.
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