Helen Perlman

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Oct 17, 2023
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Hele± Perlma± Th² Beginnin³ Helen Perlman graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1926. She then became a caseworker for the Chicago Jewish Social Service Bureau. Perlman then realized the amount of problems people had and she knew that it felt fulfilling to be there for others and help them out. In 1933 Perlman began working towards a social work career and received Scholarships at the New York School of Social Work. "While finishing up her school in New York she worked as a "caseworker, lecturer, and the Bureau of child guidance." Perlman then earned her master's degree in social work from Columbia University. Wor´ "Perlman studied ego psychology, clinical work, and lifetime personality growth." In 1950 Perlman put together her clinical approach to social work, the "Chicago School" of public welfare. Her reasoning for this was to "look for a different way of reading controversial treatment issues, and her new approach became successful and is still being used by social workers today." Accoµ[lishment¶ In 1957 Helen Perlman wrote her first book A Problem-Solving Process and she sold about 200,000 copies of this book. She also wrote seven more books and in 1996 "the University Of Chicago commemorated the establishment of a chair in her name at the School Of Social Service Administration." * mor² inf· * I chose Helen Perlman simply because of how driven she was to get out and help the community soon as she saw all of the hardship that they were facing. She even went as far as figuring out her theories to help those who needed them.
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