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HSE 101
Oct 10, 2023
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HSE 220 Milestone One I. Introduction Ia. Clients have been unable to meet the challenges they face due to disadvantages and oppression from failed societal systems in our community (Ivey, 2016, sect. 2-5b). Unfortunately, the ones who really need the assistance, are having a hard time finding reliable transportation to and from services they need to successfully move on from challenges they are facing in their everyday lives. My client has brought to my attention the negative effects of having unreliable transportation services from Better Transportation Company (BTC). When she does receive the services from BTC, assistance in transportation is successful and the client is appreciative. For the community to work against this social justice and destructive influences of poverty and forms of discrimination, we must understand society's influence on client's issues (Ivey, 2016, sect. 2- 5f). Ib. If the client is unable to make it to services, they won't be able to move on from their current issues that are keeping them in the same place, and/or adding new issues that can negatively affect their lives. Without being able to receive reliable transportation, clients are not able to attend services that can mean greater medical and mental health stability and learning skills to help keep stability in the future. Reliable transportation can lead to a greater quality of life for clients, their families, and their communities.
References Ivey, A., Ivey, M., and Zalaquett, C. (2016). Essentials of intentional interviewing. Counseling in a Multicultural World. 3 rd Edition. Cengage Learning.
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