Weekly Response 3

Taylor Castaneda She/Her LGBT200-0401 Professor Mosley September 27, 2022 Hardships and Experiences Faced While Living Life as a Transgender During this week we were assigned different readings and articles which all helped explain gender, sex, and lots of issues regarding passing and living life as someone who identifies as queer, specifically transgender. The two stories I will be responding to are Redefining Realness by Janet Mock and "A New Hope": The Psychic Life of Passing by Riley Snorton. The article and excerpt both are utilizing a narrative style in terms of writing. They are expressing their experiences as transgender people within society. For the most part while they both are dealing with similar topics, they clearly had extremely different stories. On one hand, Mock was able to experience life with slightly more privilege just because she was able to pass as a cis women vs a trans one. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being obviously identified as a transgender woman but there are transgender individuals who would rather be seen as the gender of which they identify. In contrast, Snorton becomes vulnerable and expresses how his story with being transgender was different in terms of people misinterpreting his gender more frequently than not. In his case, he was not considered "passing" and at the beginning of his excerpt he explains how when deciding which barber shop to frequent, the one he ended up going with "read my [his] gender as female" when he arrived for the first time (pg. 85, "A New Hope": The Psychic Life of Passing by Riley Snorton). When it comes to people who belong to the transgender community, there are a lot of daily challenges and hardships that they must face because of how dated society is including instances of misgendering. No one can just be who they want and love who they want too nowadays. Although Mock was able to be seen as "passing" within the transgender community, there were still plenty of challenges and societal problems that are faced daily as a transgender individual. There are lots of "social aggressions
Taylor Castaneda She/Her LGBT200-0401 Professor Mosley September 27, 2022 that force trans women to live in chosen silence and darkness..." (pg. 247, Redefining Realness by Janet Mock) regardless of one's ability to pass in society or not. Especially when it comes to socializing, transgender people are made to feel like they need to tell anyone they pass that they are transgender. Why does it concern anyone, but the specific individual effected?
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