DEVS 101-annotated bibliography assignment

DEVS 101 Annotated Bibliography Assignment Description from Course Outline: Understanding referencing and the use of sources is a crucial component of an undergraduate Arts degree. This assignment will use the topic of the colonial legacy and the Mi'kmaq fishery as the basis of conducting a search for and review of sources. What is found is to be presented in an APA annotated bibliographic form. More information on this assignment will be explained in a subsequent assignment sheet. This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade and is due Oct 6 th . Further Details: Find 3 written sources of information (academic article/book, newspaper article, report, etc.) that discuss an instance of colonial history and how it is in the world today - one focused here on the context of Mi'kma'ki, and two focused on another part of the world and/or another part of Canada. At least one of these sources must be from a scholarly journal. For help identifying scholarly journals that might be good sources for this topic, see the Development Studies subject Guide ( ), or ask Grace Bouret ( [email protected] ) the Development Studies Liaison Librarian. Your annotation must contain the following: The full APA reference Who is/are the author(s)? What type of publication is this (news/magazine article, academic article, etc.)? What is the main point of the article? What did you learn about colonialism in reading this and how does it connect to class discussions? The length of these annotations will vary, depending on what the source is and what you draw from it. The three should fit in 1.5-2 pages, though. The assignment will be evaluated evenly on the three elements: the referencing will be assessed on how it fits APA guidelines (7%); the summary will be assessed on its ability to communicate the essence of the source (7%); what is learned will be assessed by the connections made to other sources and discussions about colonialism in general and the Mi'kmaq Treaty Fishery in class (6%). To assist you in doing this assignment, please see the examples of Annotated Bibliographies in the writing section of the Moodle page, and the APA referencing guide.
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