Harper College Syllabus Second 8 Spring 2019(1) (1)

Harper College Instructor: Traci Minnick Introduction to Sociology SOC101-080 Class meeting: Monday & Wednesday 3/11/19-5/8/19 Class time: 2:00-4:40 pm Room: J251 Office: J239F Email: [email protected] Required Textbook: Sociology A-Down-to-Earth Approach, Henslin, James. 12 th Edition. (You can use the 11 th edition of the book or possibly have another book approved by the instructor) Things you will learn: Identify and define the major perspectives in the field of sociology. Describe and compare the differences between culture and society. Analyze and examine the nature and importance of socialization. List the major characteristics and functions of primary and secondary groups. Define the concept of deviance in sociological theories. Identify the nature and importance of stratification in U.S. society. Understand the role of prejudice, discrimination, and patterns of dominant group policies on minority groups. Identify the functions of the major institutions in society-the family, education, political, and economic systems. Explain the impact of mass media on society. Class Participation and Attendance : This is a lecture/ discussion based class . I hope that you will feel free to interject your thoughts and questions during the class period. Please do not feel that your role as a student requires that you sit back and passively acquire knowledge as I choose to dispense it. Quite the contrary — you will learn more, learn better and enjoy the class more if you are an active participant. It is imperative that you read the assigned material prior to class and are prepared to discuss it. The quality of the class discussion depends upon it. Keep in mind that you do not have to be the world's expert on a topic in order to contribute to the conversation. But I do expect you to think about the issues and talk about your ideas in class. Regular attendance is a must . If you miss class it is your responsibility to get notes and announcements made in class from a classmate. Attendance will only be taken once in class. Drop or withdrawal policy : It is the responsibility of the student, not the professor, to drop or withdraw from this class. Students are strongly advised to see the professor before you make a decision to drop the class. There have been cases where student felt they were failing and they were able to pass the course. Students who do not attend and do not withdraw from the course may receive a grade of an "F," which will become a part of the student's permanent record.
Email procedure : I usually will respond to email within 24 to 48 hours. All correspondence to the teacher must be respectful and professional. Even if I cannot answer your question right away, I will usually send an email to confirm that I have received your email. All students are required to bring their papers into the classroom (unless otherwise instructed). Papers will not be collected via email without prior approval from the instructor. Also, all requests for recommendations must be submitted formally through email. Cheating/Plagiarism Policy : Students who are guilty of cheating and/or plagiarizing will receive an automatic grade of "F" and/or 0 (zero) points on that assignment and/or exam by the instructor. Students that are caught cheating and/or plagiarizing will not be allowed to participate and/or benefit from any extra credit that may be extended by the instructor and the instructor reserves the right to withdraw any extra credit points that the student earned before they were caught cheating or plagiarizing . The instructor reserves the right to consider further disciplinary actions which may result in the student being dropped and failing the entire course. If you need to talk with me : If you want to talk in person, the best thing to do is to set up an appointment after class or via email. It is vital that you consult with me as soon as possible should any difficulties arise in your life that might seriously interfere with your performance in the course. Waiting until finals week to talk to me is altogether too late. Accommodative Services : If you require any accommodative services you must let me know as soon as possible. This will allow all students and equal chance to excel in the classroom! If you require additional services or take the test the accommodative services center you must take the exam at the scheduled exam time. Exams: You will have a total of five (5) exams including the final exam. Students are responsible for all materials presented and discussed in class (including films, demonstrations, guest lectures and announcements, etc.) even if they do not attend. In some cases, I will be adding totally new material that is not related to anything in the text. In most cases, I will be adding totally new material that is related to something in the text. In a few cases, however, the presentation will closely parallel text material. I expect you to read all the relevant text material before it is covered in class. If you are missing any notes it is your responsibility to get these notes from another student, you may not obtain missed notes from the instructor. However, if you do not understand something then please do not hesitate to ask me about it in class, by phone or by email. Once someone has started the exam and left then no one else may begin the exam. The exams will consist of multiple choice and essay questions. The final exam will NOT be comprehensive.
Grades will be determined on the following grading scale: Grading Scale is subject to change based on added or subtracted assignment. Make sure you are following your grades often on blackboard. Five (5) Exams = 500pts Grade Points Earned A 599 - 665 Exam 1 = 100points B 532- 598 Exam 2 = 100points C 466 - 531 Exam 3 = 100points D 399 - 465 Exam 4 = 100points F 398 & Below Exam 5 = 100points Worksheets 15pts Module Articles 50pts Discussion/Participation 25pts Creative Media Project 75pts --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total 665points The Final Word with Ms. Minnick.... Respect : If you cannot say anything nice do not say anything at all. If you think something may offend someone don't say it! Be respectful to your peers and instructors. Do not have social conversations with your friends during class. It is distracting and disturbing to others that want to hear the lecture. Turn your phone off before you enter class! Cell Phone Offenders: According to the college policy all cell phones must be turned off in all instructional areas; classrooms! If you are asked to put your cell phone away during class time consider it your only warning. The next time you will be asked to leave class for the remainder of class period and you will be marked absent for that day! You Better Recognize : Sociology is a class and not the story of any one individuals life experience. Sometimes your experience may be different than what is being presented in class lecture or discussions. Sociologists recognize that there are always exceptions to the norm. However, in this class the focus is on what is typical and not what you might be use to. Some of what is covered in this class goes against popular belief. Personal experience or antidotal evidence is not enough to prove a point. If you didn't read the textbook, don't argue about an issue. Student Responsibilities : You, the student, are responsible for getting the information you missed in class. Do NOT ask email to email you the notes. All documents, including video worksheets will be online. If you are not in class you need to print the worksheet and turn it in the following class period!
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