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Oct 21, 2023
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Chapter 6, 7, 8 mana final Study online at 1. Asians with college degrees earn about 13% less per year than Whites with college degrees. True 2. Immigration laws that affected Asians included a restriction that al- lowed 105 Chinese to enter the U.S. per year. 3. Which is true of the relationship between Asians and diversity concerns? Asians experience employ- ment discrimination along with other minority groups. 4. A 1922 court ruled that Asian Indians were Caucasian but were not White true 5. Asian Americans' employment experi- ences are sometimes shaped by stereotypes and media repre- sentations. 6. Asians who come to the U.S. are less likely to become naturalized citizens than immi- grants from any other country. False 7. Racial classifications in the U.S. census of people of Asian descent have changed multiple times. true 8. Regarding Asians' earnings large numbers of Asians re- side in cities having high costs of living and this re- flects Asians earnings rela- tive to other racial groups that are more geographically dis- persed. 9. Which of the following is true of Asians? Some discrimination against Asians occurs because of perceptions they have been too successful. (CHECK) 1 / 12
Chapter 6, 7, 8 mana final Study online at 10. "Positive" stereotypes of Asian Americans may contribute to their overrepresentation in higher-level organizational positions. False 11. White women have lower workforce partic- ipation rates than Black women. True 12. The White population in the U.S. is the largest proportion for all racial/ethnic groups. 13. Although White men comprise less than 40% of the U.S. population, about 80% of the highest level corporate executives are White men. False 14. The frequent use of the term "quotas" by the media and politicians contributes to misperceptions that quotas are legal and commonly used. true 15. Recently, along with Latino immigrant workers, White immigrants have also expe- rienced exploitation and abuse. True 16. Multiple audit studies conducted in major U.S. cities confirm the greater likelihood of Whites to be preferred in the workplace over similarly qualified Blacks and Latinos. True 17. During World War II along with people of Japan- ese descent, those of Italian and German descent were arrested and held in reloca- tion centers. 18. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits dis- crimination against Whites, including White males. true 2 / 12
Chapter 6, 7, 8 mana final Study online at 19. Frank McCloskey, Vice President of Geor- gia Power from 2000 to 2010, has been recognized for his diversity efforts. 20. Since the Year 2000, the law no longer per- mits people to indicate multiple racial iden- tities to the U.S. Census but must select just one. False 21. Although the term "Native American" is of- ten construed as more appropriate, Amer- ican Indian is more commonly used by members of the group themselves and is considered broadly acceptable. True 22. Combating multi-racial discrimination re- quires individual and organizational com- mitment and not simply dependance on laws. True 23. American Indians and Alaska Natives are less likely than all racial and ethnic groups to have a college degree. False 24. Native Americans are often overlooked in studies of diversity in organizations. True 25. Interracial marriage was illegal until a 1967 Supreme Court decision. 26. Approval of interracial marriage increases with education levels. True 27. Which of the following is true of American Indians as sports symbols? Some Indian tribes support- ed universities' use of the sports symbols. 28. Until 1924, American Indians born in the U.S. were not U.S. citizens. True 29. 3 / 12
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