1. African Americans still had a rough life with terrible conditions such as segregation, Jim Crow laws, and black codes present throughout the nation. They also faced anti African American terrorist groups such as the KKK. African AMericans were still treated as second class citizens compared to the rest of the nation. 2. Washington believes that African American should work and take up all roles in society from the bottom to the top and the problems will fade with it while DuBois believes it takes the entire nation to overcome the problems and that African Americans should take up political action and higher education to end inequalities. 3. African American face higher rates of incarceration, higher rates of poverty, health disparities, and more compared to other populations and I think the best path for them would be to follow a path similar to Dubois. I think getting a higher education is a good way to close the wealth gap and people with education tend to commit criminal offenses and tend to make better health choices. Some things include terrorism, racism, inequalities, segregation, economic downturn, Liberty-being incarcerated currently or formally Rights- terrorist/KKK Opportunity- being restrained from going to school or given poorer quality education compared to others American Dream- a panic and/or depression can affect the American dream by not allowing those to climb the economic scale Pursuit of Happiness- they are denied to pursue certain paths and options due to their race by those to control the paths who view them as inferior Equality- segregation has hindered equality by claiming to have "separate but equal" when the African American services were always inferior to their white counterparts 13 th - abolished slavery in the United States and set African Americans free 14 th granted citizenship to everyone born in the US even those who used to be slaves 15 th gave African American men the right to vote Wrong, evil, depressing, upsetting, unfair
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