6-2 Activity

1 6-2 Activity: Reflection: Society Jayme Fuller October 9 th , 2023 Southern New Hampshire University
2 Before taking this course, I didn't fully see the value of diversity in our culture. People from all different ideas, religions, races, and ethnicities make up the world we live in, and diversity is vital because it enables us to appreciate and/or value each person's uniqueness. This class has enhanced my comprehension of the value of diversity in modern society and how evaluating diversity improves relationships with individuals in a variety of situations. "Learning about and from diversity better prepares you for today's work world. America's workforce is now more diverse than at any other time in the nation's history, and it will grow increasingly diverse. Moreover, work today takes place in a global economy characterized by greater economic interdependence among nations, more international trading(imports/exports), more multinational corporations, more international travel, and almost instantaneous worldwide communication." (Thompson, 2022) We need to pay more attention to our preconceived notions about things like age, gender, sexual orientation, etc. within the topic of diversity. It helps protect us from unintended bias in how we interact with people and assumptions. It promotes polite dialogue as well as fairness and inclusion. By carefully examining diversity, we may strengthen the value of our relationships with others and promote a respect for everyone's individual strengths. Despite not feeling the need to try to seek out diverse perspectives and inclusion in everyday life, I was "available" to diversity. My understanding of the significance of diversity and inclusivity has changed because of this knowledge. I now see that when we don't live inclusively, we unconsciously create ingroup and outgroup differences., and that bias and discrimination are not limited occurrences. In Butler's 2017 We cannot be protected against implicit bias by our "transparency" alone, as this could unintentionally induce us to act contrary to our convictions. (Butler, 2017) IDS 400 has provided me with useful tools that will aid me in
3 developing methods of communication for a range of populations and advancing in my career. I've learned to actively promote inclusivity and increase awareness of the dangers of covert bias in myself and those around me, as well. Resources:
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