BRAINSTORM MDIA1004 Assessment 2

MDIA1004 Assessment 2 - Original Written News Story News Angle It could a story about reforms to city planning, changes in building construction, expansion of green spaces, healthcare, economics, lifestyle, sport and social outcomes sparked by the predicted changes in the climate. NSW government to cool down suburbs and support the people who are most vulnerable to extreme heat Build cooler suburbs and homes by raising standards for reducing and adapting to heat, and commit to measures across developments of all sizes which reduce the urban heat island effect, achieve highest standards of environmental sustainability and set standards according to future climate projections Review the State Heatwave Emergency Plan to include measures to support the community in extreme events Prioritise and fund energy efficiency and cooling programs in hot suburbs Share plans for heat mitigation and adaptation with communities and gather feedback on local strategies Support high standards of energy efficiency in the National Construction Code By taking these steps, NSW can be a leader in developing beautiful climate resilient cities. Traditional News (summary lead) Headline: Reference UK heatwave and link to Australia's potential heat crisis EFFECT ON RENTERS 1. Effect on renters Include statistics from Sweltering Cities Report Make reference to the Summer Survey 2022 o Refer to "highlight on renters" This is the BIG STORY, draw the reader in by highlighting poor living conditions Quote 1: Interview Uni student who lives on campus (no air conditioning or insulation) o Script needs to be written, record with Josh o Think about mentioning mental health impacts 2. Discuss general heating crisis caused by climate change General information can be found in the Sweltering Cities report Why is it a problem? Why is there a highlight on renters? How is this relevant to the reader? Why would they care?
How does the crisis in the UK and Europe create conversations of uncertainty for Australia's summer outlook Make a link towards what can be done about it (begin writing about green cover) 3. Expansion of green spaces greenspace-heat/13231068 According to... green infrastructure... Offer a general insight into the benefits of green cover What can we do as citizens? What does Sydney plan to do moving forward? o Maybe in time for 2023 summer? Mention the Australian government is trying to take climate change action to avoiding being in the same position as other countries You still want to link this to your headline and to its EFFECT ON RENTERS Quote 2: Interview neighbour, question their existing understanding of the benefits of green cover o Script needs to be written o Image provided will be of me and the interviewee Interview script
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