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Oct 21, 2023
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Lesson 4 Danna Chavez AJS240 Professor Palmer 09/17/2023 Lesson 4: Parole 1
When it comes to Mary's release date within the prison, some of the efforts correctional authorities can conduct are several things; before we can list a few things I would be going off of what we have here in Arizona to have a more realistic solution on this. We first have to take in consideration why Mary was incarcerated to be able to identify what program can help her in the long run once she has been released and be able to utilize what she was able to learn in the prison in the outside world. So Mary was in for possession of narcotics for sale and she also has a history of heroin abuse while on the streets. Now we look into the rest of her background, as far as school she was able to maintain a GED but when you look into her work history it is a tad sketchy and she also has no marketable skills. Usually when individuals reoffend it is due to not having a support system or something to fall back on; offenders at times go back to their old ways and stay on the streets and restart their drug abuse and eventually once they are caught are thrown back into the system. According to the ADCRR website the Arizona Department of Economic Security has partnered with the ADCRR (Arizona Department of Correction Reentry and Rehabilitation) to help those who are within the prisons and incarcerated by connecting with them with their employment process since they work with individuals with criminal backgrounds but also help provide them employment. This program has been stationed with the prisons and the purpose of this is to help those incarcerated within 90 days of their release date and prepare them to enter the workforce. So having Mary can attend the job fairs offered and participate in several programs and work opportunities such as MVD and Televerde which requires her to answer phone calls and help the public with their questions which would also work on her marketing skills that she does lack since these jobs also require her to do sales. Taking some vocational classes such as plumbing, electric, paint crew and kitchen worker which can help Lesson 4: Parole 2
her get several experiences in different types of work experiences that she can use once she is released. She can also take group classes which are offered to the incarcerated that help them be more comfortable talking to the volunteers and have several discussions regarding certain topics regarding feelings and emotions. They can also talk to the counselors they are assign to and they can also help her with finding housing and other opportunities prior to being released. As a parole officer some challenges I believe they tend to face when Mary gets release is Mary not knowing where to begin as far as starting her life all over. It can get overwhelming for Mary to navigate her life all over again by just dealing with friends and family, if she has any that want to be involved in her life. Something that her parole officer can do is give Mary and her family as much information and resources they can contact for her to get on the right track because maybe her family or friends do not know what steps to take or resources to reach out to for help. Another thing would also be Mary trying to find employment. Now that Mary is up for release, one thing that she is going to struggle with is trying to gain employment since she would be considered an ex-convict some workplaces do not go hand and hand with the idea of having a parole working in their workplace and also others around at times are not comfortable with the idea as well, so this would be one of the big obstacles Mary is more likely to deal with and as well as social contact with others since she was incarcerated for some time, most parolees have a hard time communicating properly with those around them since they were institutionalized and use to living a certain way within prison, one thing we can do to help with the job search is finding workplaces that accept those with a background which at times is not hard to find but with some help it can make the process easier. And when it comes to the social interaction, Mary can attend classes for socialization or group sessions where she can communicate with others who are either dealing with the same experiences as her or with similar situations. Lesson 4: Parole 3
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