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SOCW 6361
Oct 22, 2023
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1 Agendas and Steps for Activating Change Heidi Garcia Masters of Social Work, Walden University SOCW 6361-19: Social Work Practice Research I Dr. Edward Jay Hernandez April 2, 2023
2 Briefly explain the concept of the agenda funnel This is a theory that suggests the way in which an issue is presented to decision-makers determines the success in gaining attention and initiating change. This theory shows that the most successful issues are framed using simple language and presented early in the decision- making process. (Jansson, 2018) Why is context important when advocating for change to decision-makers According to Jansson, (2018), it is important to get communities interested in the issue and promote their bill so that they get enough people interested to vote for their bill. Policy advocates must find issues that they feel will attract the most attention and they do this through the usage of simple language good communication and delivery of their issue so that it influences change. Using the social problem you identified earlier in the course, explain how the 10 issues Jansson outlined what is important when trying to activate change regarding the selected social problem; Timing Timing for Covid-19 was important since it is a virus that was being spread in large groups across the world. The implementation of educating the masses was very time sensitive. Coupling Making changes during the Covid-19 pandemic relied heavily on multiple streams of activity in the policy process; the problem stream, the policy stream, and the political stream. Each plays a very important role to identify the issues surrounding Covid-19 and how to stop the spread.
3 Framing and finding a title Covid-19 allowed politicians to reframe their thought process on public safety concerns and how they can stop the spread or minimize the spread of Covid-19. This was done by conceptualizing the issue and then thinking about what they can do to fix it or slow the spread. Negotiating and bargaining Covid-19 brought politicians to realize that a lot of change needed to happen to make everyone safe and even though the result was to have a national lockdown to slow the spread- each state negotiated its own version of this lockdown policy. Assembling early sponsors and supporters Covid-19 brought the house and senate together to work towards a solution on what can be done to slow the spread and provide medication to help the infected. Routing The main routing process for the Covid-19 pandemic was the use of all media platforms to educate the public. Media coverage Covid-19 was covered by all media platforms to educate the public on what it is and what is working or not working to stop the spread. Setting key endorsements Endorsements from the president, house, and senate representatives to support a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Coalition building As previously stated the president, house, and senate, all worked together to mandate a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
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