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A Global Perspective Elizabeth Garrett Master of Social Work, Walden University SOCW-6051: Diversity, Human Rights, and Social Justice Dr. Candice C. Beasley October 1, 2023
A Global Perspective As you may recall, evidence-based social work is searching the literature for the best available information on a specific practice issue and integrating it with professional skills and client preferences to make an informed choice. A similar technique can be applied to diversity and culturally competent practice. Many distinct global populations have been studied in social work research, and the findings can be utilized to guide practice. This paper will focus on the global refugee crisis. Population The population this paper will focus on the Ukrainian refugee crisis. Because governments in their countries of origin have withdrawn much of their support under pressure from global forces, refugees from war-torn areas and immigrants fleeing economic crises must rely on blood ties, kin groups, and other support systems linked to their ethnic or religious affiliations to survive (Marsiglia et al., 2021). Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, which caused a lot of families to leave the country for safety. Another Level 2 Heading WWWW XXXX YYVY ZZZZ.
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