Week 4 reflection

Tomisha Gajic NR505NP Week 4 Reflection How hard was it to find a qualitative article related to your area of interest? Qualitative research in my area of intrest was actually much easier to find versus quantitative. That said now understanding proxy measurements that are used to I think my subject matter is very difficult to quantify and qualify as the children or adolescents are dependent on someone else's measurements in order to produce their own. Did you have any difficult determining whether the articles you reviewed were qualitative? No, the search engines provided by the library made it quite easy to find material related to my topic and in a qualitative form. Is the qualitative approach appropriate for your area of interest? Would you be able to replicate the study you found? The qualitative approach is definitely a better approach for translation into practice. It provides the most useful information for seeing what barriers have credibility to them and what solutions are most efficient. Overall, which research design (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods) do you feel is best suited to your area of interest? Both forms have their strengths and weaknesses, and provide good insight to my area of interest, so I personally feel that mixed method would be the best approach to achieve my long-term goal for identification of problems with PA and nutrition for adolescents, as well as translation into solution based practice.
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