Society Population Midterm Notes

A Social World is presented as a main component of the unique ethos that helps distinguish serious leisure from its counterpart, casual leisure. Nearly all forms of serious leisure are embedded in a social world Social Worlds are made up of 4 components that help construct the social world: o Strangers These are "intermediaries who normal participate a little in the leisure activity itself, but who nonetheless do something important to make it possible." Example: Someone who manages municipal parks or someone who organizes the work of teachers like an assistant DB: The man who manages the park o Tourists Temporary participants in a social world; they only come on the scene momentarily for entertainment, diversion or profit Example: Often these are "clients" for amateurs, hobbyists, and volunteers DB: The women walking by, Watts trying it for the first time. o Regulars They routinely participate in the social world. Example: amateurs, hobbyists, and volunteers o Insiders Are those among the regualrs who show exceptional devotion to the social world they share, maintianing it and to advancing it. Referred to as devotees and professionals DB: This is Dave Guitar Scenario o Ed starts out as a tourist o Ed becomes a regular o Mike is the insider o The audience: Tourists o The owner of the pub is the stranger o ****ON MIDTERM
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