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Oct 17, 2023
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1 Mary Williams CRJU 400 4/10/20 What Makes A Good Theory? A set of criteria has been established to judge what makes a good theory. Some of the examples are logical consistency, scope, parsimony, testability, empirical validity, and Policy Implications. The question of what makes a good theory is parallel to what causes people to commit crime. If we can break down the logistics of why people commit crime, we can possibly find a solution to minimize the amount of crime they commit or stop them from committing crimes altogether. According to Brian Fedorek, Numerous criminologist theories attempt to explain why people commit a crime. What makes one better than another. How do we judge theories against each other? The natural and the physical science occurs. Each expert mostly agrees on the knowledge of their discipline. Political beliefs can alter the way someone feel about crime and why it is committed. Scientific measures had to be applied to test our theories. A theory is defined as a set of concepts linked together by a series of statements to explain why an event or phenomenon occurs. It is an explanation of why the world works the way it does. All accepted modern criminological theories are testable, this does not mean they are equal in terms of empirical validity. This is the extent to which theoretical model is supported by scientific research in addition to the theories, there is Parsimony , this refers to how many steps or statements that are involved. The question is, how simple is the theory? This step devoted to simplicity. The simple a theory the better. This is achieved by explaining a given phenomenon or criminal activity. One of the most recent and most popular is indicated by the amount of related research and by which the expert believe is important. This has not stopped criminologist from attempting to explain this in simple ways. criminologist from attempting When determining the testability , the theory must be able to go through a scientific research. Some theories simply cannot be tested. Theories may be untestable if they are
2 tautological, purpose causes that are not measurable, or are so open-ended that empirical findings can always be reinterpreted to support the theory. Although some theories can be quite influential without being testable (was Freud's theory), other things must be established criminological theories can be examined through empirical testing. Logical Consistency states that theory needs to be presented in a logical way. It needs to be clear and agree it can not disagree or contradict itself in any way The father of criminology, claimed that the most serious offenders are born criminals He also claimed that tattoos were one of the physical that identify these born criminals. Obviously, this does not make any sense. Scope the next characteristic of a theory, refers to how much or how many types of crime or deviance the theory covers. This is comparison to the theory of low self esteem and has a very wide scope. The wider the scope that can be explained, the better the theory and assuming other characteristics are equal. Policy Implication is another characteristic of a good theory it refers to the extent that a theory can create realistic and useful guidance for changing the way society deals with circumstances. It's a useful model provided for authorities to use to better understand how to deal with crime. This theory is one of the most used successfully by police agencies and have bee known to reduce their homicide rate by 75%. Some others may not be as useful because of cost or they may be to hard to implement. One example of this theory is the broken window theory. Broken window is a criminology theory that states visible signs of crimes, anti-social behavior, and civil disorder create urban environment that encourages future crime and disorder in a neighborhood. Each problem in a neighborhood that goes unattended by police officers or the community becomes an instant problem and will take longer to fix in the end. The one I find to me more effective is the Policy Implications. This is the one that include policies like the broken window theory. The broken window theory is the one I also see that tears down communities like the one I live in. Whenever you have abandoned building or homes that are not properly cared for, it lowers the value in the community. This is when the drug users and dealers start coming in and setting up their headquarters. Policy are a little slower to respond to calls in the area. Children are walking in the
3 streets and does not have the proper parental supervision. This allows the children to wonder and get into trouble. My community was older people who had retired or were still paying for their homes. Some of the homeowners had either died or left their houses to their children, that did not take the responsibility of the upkeep. This alone created problems in the neighborhood. It isn't fair to the people in the neighborhood like me that can't afford to re sell their homes, have private school tuition and are not able to invest in another home just yet. I chose this theory also because I see the damage that broken window theory can cause. Ten years ago, in an abandon house, one of my son's friends was playing in the house with his brother and friends. Someone called the police and said they were trespassing and were playing with fake guns in the house. Whatever happened next caused the child to get killed. It was one of the most devastating days in the community, the children were not the same. This was a child that was painted into a demon. His character was taunted into a monster. Some people have measures crimes in the area by observing by what is going on their neighborhoods. These are the areas that the local government and the police give up on. Sad to say that this child death was in vein and justice never was sought for this incident. His brother is a walking zombie and none of the children were never the same after this incident. The parents were paid fifty thousand dollars for wrong full death claims. People do not understand that wrongful death claims are paid by the taxpayers not the police department. If the community and the police would work together to clean up and around the abandoned houses, it just might save a life. It will also bring the value back to the community. The theory that least explains criminality to me is Logical Consistency. I believe its more of a stereotype in a since. People that have tattoos represent that they are more likely to commit crime. Using things like gold teeth or mohawks just to name a few, does not clarify the definition of a criminal. This theory should have been left out and not included in the list of characteristics of a theory. If I had to make up a theory, I would stick with the policy implications theory because this is the one that I really like. I would perfect this one. To better show police officers how to deal with crime. This theory has been used to reduce
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