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Research Paper - Child Abuse and Neglect The different types of abuse can be physical abuse, emotional and verbal abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. Physical abuse is defined as any knowing, reckless, or intentional act or failure to act which caused or could have caused physical injury, emotional harm, or death. With emotional and verbal abuse it is consider an act by a caregiver or non-caregiver humiliating, cursing, vilifying, or threatening that results in emotional harm. Sexual abuse is consider any non-consenual sexual activity that includes but isn't limited to any activity that would be a sexually-oriented offence. Neglect is the final form of abuse where a person is does not provide basic care that results in harm. In children signs of physical abuse could be noted as reacting scared to the caregiver, depression, eating issues, increased aggression, markings or bruises. Children that are emotionally abused may be inappropriate with emotional development, social withdrawal, and depression. Emotional and behavior changes can signal sexual abuse as well as physical signs such as pain when using the bathroom, and being clingy. By Texas state law, everyone who suspects child abuse must report it to the hotline. The contact information to report child abuse is 1-800-799-7233, or visit The person will need to provide as much information as possible such as what led up to the abuse or suspected abuse, names of persons involved, contact information. The investigation proves starts by guiding you through necessary steps to otain information relevant to the abuse. TO work effectively with families, stay knowledgeable, factual and provide resources.
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