Simran cultural humility and trasformation

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Oct 15, 2023
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CULTURAL HUMILITY AND THE TRANSFORMATION OF SCRIPTS OF INEQUALITY BY DR. MURRY-GARCIA 1. The first scenario provided at the start of the course, where a question regarding who often is in the minority when it comes to numerous facets of life, startled me. The Black population in the United States of America would have been my response. The right response is Koreans residing in Japan. The replies of the young children in the training film, when they were asked to select between a black guy and a white man without knowing anything about either of them beforehand, also astounded me. This provides information on how prejudice and racial consciousness emerge in the beginning. Children as young as three can exhibit awareness and, in some situations, prejudices, according to research. 2. It is admirable that I place a high value on objectivity in my field of work and understand the significance of overcoming latent biases. Implicit bias is common, and it has an impact on how we treat people and react to different circumstances. Promoting fairness and equality in professional encounters begins with awareness of biases. However, I should act proactively to address them when my attention is called to them. This may entail attending workshops, getting training, and having discussions about prejudice and diversity. It can be beneficial to have a climate at work where prejudice and discrimination are openly discussed. Additionally, I discovered that cultural humility entails cultivating a lifetime commitment to self-evaluation and self-critique, addressing power disparities in the patient-clinician relationship, and forming cooperative, non-paternalistic therapeutic and advocacy collaborations with communities. 3. Dr. Murry-Garcia's research on "Cultural Humility and the Transformation of Scripts of Inequality" emphasizes the significance of identifying and confronting societal narratives that uphold inequality, with a focus on adopting a humble and culturally-aware approach in not only healthcare but in all facets of social interactions.
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