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Oct 19, 2023
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The Declaration of Independence Connecting the Founding Principles Your Name __________________________________ Your task for this assessment is to demonstrate your understanding of the founding principles reflected in the Declaration of Independence and a modern scenario. Complete the following steps: 1. Choose one modern scenario to analyze, scenario A, B, or C. Your chosen scenario: A Your local council approves a new rule after many community meetings and citizen comments. The rule states that all new building permit applications require an "environmental impact study." The purpose is to ensure that the building plans will prevent unnecessary harm to local residents, wildlife, and plant life. 2. Respond in complete paragraphs to the following questions: Which founding principles does your scenario connect to? Explain using details from the scenario and two of the founding principles. The city board as of late endorsed a modern allowing arrangement after holding numerous community gatherings and tolerating citizen comments. The modern approach requires all candidates for unused building grants to yield a natural affect appraisal . The objective is to guarantee that modern development ventures don't cause undue hurt to nearby inhabitants , natural life and plant life. How does the Declaration of Independence reflect these same two principles? Explain using details from the lesson. This arrangement adjusts with two standards embraced within the nation's establishing archives popular government and natural preservation . By requesting input from citizens some time recently actualizing the arrangement , the chamber illustrated the equitable rule of government inferring its powers from the assent of the governed, as expressed within the Affirmation of Freedom . The policy's point of ensuring living things too reflects the Declaration's declaration that all individuals have an unavoidable right to "Life, Freedom and the interest of Joy ." 3. Include a modern photograph that represents one of the founding principles in action today. Explain how what is happening in the photograph reflects this principle. Use complete sentences. Unless Otherwise Noted All Content © 2023 Florida Virtual School. FlexPoint Education Cloud™ is a trademark of Florida Virtual School.
Citizens acting today to protect the natural world shows how ideals expressed centuries ago remain relevant. An environmental protest photograph would demonstrate one such founding principle in action currently, with people exercising their right to voice concerns about conserving the environment for future generations. This illustrates that core values can continue to motivate positive social change over time. Unless Otherwise Noted All Content © 2023 Florida Virtual School. FlexPoint Education Cloud™ is a trademark of Florida Virtual School.
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