SOC 112 Module Eight Worksheet

SOC 112 Module Eight Worksheet Your Sociological Lens Read the article titled "Understanding the Sociological Perspective: How Sociologists See the World" and watch the video How Does Social Change Happen? Then reflect on the course material by answering the following questions in complete sentences (1-3 sentences per question). You will need to support your answers with at least one scholarly source. Your responses will be graded using the Module Eight Worksheet Rubric. To complete this worksheet, replace the bracketed text with the relevant information. Questions Your Answers 1. Describe how you can use your newly developed sociological perspective in your everyday life. I can use my newly developed sociological perspective in my everyday life, in a few ways. I can take a step back and analyze situations differently, to understand how they affect specific groups of people, based on what I learned about social structures, inequalities, and more. I can actively participate in various topics on social issues within my community, by being able to comprehend other people's views and being able to support my views as well. 2. What aspects of sociology can be helpful to you in your personal life? The most beneficial aspect of sociology I can use in my personal life, is the ability to see others' personal difficulties. As our article talked about, sociology allows us to see all possible outcomes of a situation (Cole et al, 2020). 3. What aspects of sociology can be helpful to you in your professional life? I think the historical context of sociology will be the best aspect to use in my professional life. Historical context allows us to analyze the differences in society 30 years ago to today. We can understand how race affected a person's life, compared to now. As a mental health counselor, it can help me understand what the individual faces in society. 4. How can a deeper understanding of human interaction be helpful in the real world? Having a deeper understanding of human interactions can help us in the real world, by providing a foundation of how we can interact with society to achieve the best possible outcomes. It can help provide a foundation for more effective communication in everyday interactions both professional and personal.
References (Please include at least one academic reference here and include relevant in-text citations in the chart above.) Cole, Nicki Lisa, Ph.D. (2020, August 27). Understanding the Sociological Perspective. Retrieved from
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