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BUS 374
Oct 22, 2023
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Taylar Rojas Social Innovation: Where Do I Fit? 1. Social Entrepreneurs Social Entrepreneurs are people who are wanting to start something new. A lot of ambition goes into wanting to create something new a lot of that goes towards when someone has an innovative idea. 2. Social Intrapreneurs/Implementers Social Inrapreneurs/Implementers are people who can be an entreprepneur within an existing company or organization . Some of these ideas can help social moral within the company, and go in a better direction if needed. 3. Volunteers/Donors In this section, Volunteers/Donors, allow companies to grow by boosting team morale. Promoting volunteer opportunties in the Workplace helps improve brand awareness and reduces turnover. 4. My Best fit My best fit would be in the Social Intrapreneurs/Implementers, due to the fact that I like responsibiltity and being in charge of a project that allows me to show my creativity and ambition. I wouldn't mind becoming an enterpenuer but I believe that would be too much responsibility for just starting out. 5. Goals A lot of my goals consist of building things up from what I already have and advertising them in any way that I can. Another goal of mine is to find more ambition and not shy away from the ideas and goals I have thought of but never given a shot due to the lack of resources or motivation.
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