CJ 2120 Policing study guide exam II w22

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Oct 16, 2023
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W22 2120 WALBY study guide midterm II - 10 short answer 1 Civilianization inside public police 2 Civilianization in civil society 3 BIDs and policing 4 Neoliberalization 5 Regionalization, benefits and drawbacks 6 Load shedding 7 Arguments of Shearing and Stenning about private security 8 Parapolicing 9 Ghosting 10 private security 11 Corporate security 12 ASIS International 13 Security credentialism 14 Colonization as criminalization 15 Dudley George and Ipperwash 16 OPP policing and First Nations in Ontario 17 Starlight tours 18 Razack's argument 19 Comack's argument 20 Satzewich and Shaffir's argument 21 Occupation of Ottawa, police response 22 MCS and HS 23 MCS and film TIPS FOR THE TEST Make sure there are no gaps in your notes. Study by writing some mock answers about these items. There will be 10 short answer questions on the midterm, each worth one mark Read the question carefully and make sure that you answer everything that it asks for. Some short answer questions may have multiple parts. Write in complete sentences. Be as thorough as possible. Aim for at 4-5 sentences per response. Try not to leave an answer blank. Show your work/write down your thoughts, even if you don't get the exact answer, partial credit can be awarded even for rough notes. If you don't know the answer, come back to it after you finish the rest of the test and make an educated guess. Other parts of the test may give you clues to what the answer may be.
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