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Oct 17, 2023
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1. By creating and promoting a home environment it makes them feel comfortable and get the emotional support they require for success. By feeling the support of their families and community it encourages them to want to learn and to achieve a successful education. 2. By making the students feel like they belong and by doing so it promotes the participation of families and communities alike. Schools are an essential support system for their student's academic achievement and psychological health by building trustworthy collaboration with families. Therefore when family interaction is practiced carefully and frequently assessed for improvement it brings great benefits to students, families, communities, and teachers. 3. Outreach, community ties, and parental involvement are among the tactics I can use to assist ML families and community involvement. Planning several parent-school contact activities could serve as an example of this. Another example could be to offer positions in outreach and community engagement that require bilingual or intercultural awareness.
Depending on the needs and interests of the parents, we could create an online repository of pertinent tools and content such as google classroom, zoom, and Quizlet. In addition, we can encourage parents to set high expectations for their children's education both at home and at school, to participate in lesson preparation and decision-making, and to develop and share their techniques for improving student achievement.
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