Connection Building 2

Connection Building 2 I have a very big Italian American family. So all our events are very big and loud, especially holidays. On Christmas day we wake up, open our presents in our pjs and then have a big breakfast. We eat a small lunch and then it's normally time to go to church so we get dressed up in our nice clothes and go. When we get back we stay in our nice clothes and all the family, which is about 25 people, comes over to my grandparents' house. We have a huge dinner, exchange gifts and just spend time with family. All my other friends that are American and celebrate Christmas normally spend the whole day in their pjs with only their immediate family. Having different cultures and ethnicities makes people develop differently. Culture is your different behaviors and traditions which influences your values and beliefs. Ethnicity is a common heritage based on a shared geographic area, language, and/or religion. Although we have similar ethnicities, we have very different cultures. We are both catholic, speak English, and are from the United States but we have very different traditions. I always go to church on Christmas and my friends never do. We both start the day in our pjs but I spend the majority of my day in a fancy dress while they are still in their pjs. Because of our differences, we have different opinions of what the day should look like and what is very important for us to do. Thinking of an example of these two concepts helps me understand the difference between them because they are very similar.
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