Case Note Documentation

Case Note Documentation On 9/16/2021, Child Welfare Specialist, ***, met with Elena Martinez at her home. The worker met with Elena alone. Elena appears nervous and is fidgeting with her skirt. Elena reports that visitation with her children is going well and she misses her children. Elena states her goal is to complete a rehabilitation program and regain custody of her children. Elena states she has been admitted to a rehab program before and relapsed shortly after completion. Elena believes "her choice of men in her life contribute to her drug use." Elena states that "her children should be her top priority", but she feels she has failed them as a mother. Elena reports that her visits with her children are going well although she hates leaving them. She has been attending visits either alone or with her mother. Elena's boyfriend has not been present for any visits. She also expresses concerns regarding visitation while she is in the rehab program. At the next visit, this worker will discuss the benefits of treatment and her plans for treatment along with visitation rights. A referral for mental health services will also be discussed to help her navigate through past traumas. Elena has not requested any additional services or information at this time.
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