AAST A101, Spring 2022 Syllabus

Kwong 1 Indiana University Bloomington, Spring 2022 Syllabus AAST-A101, Section 6871 Introduction to Asian American Studies MW 4:45-6:00 pm IU Auditorium (AD), Room A152 Instructor: Lisa Kwong (Prof. Kwong or Prof. K) Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Monday, 1:00-2:30 pm Thursday, By appointment only Friday, 1:00-2:30 pm Office Location: Zoom Course Description In this course, students will receive an overview of Asian American history in the US, current events and topics, and representations in literature and media. Historical events covered range from Chinese immigration in the mid-1800s to 9/11 and its aftermath for Muslim and South Asian Americans in the current century. Students will have the opportunity to engage with current events and issues in Asian America by attending virtual events and by following social media. We will also examine popular representations of Asian Americans in film, TV, and literature, which address issues such as family, immigration, citizenship, assimilation, and education. By examining Asian American experiences through a variety of texts and perspectives, students will arrive at a greater understanding, respect, and appreciation for the experiences of Asian Americans and their contributions to US society. Student Learning Outcomes Students who successfully complete this course will demonstrate: knowledge of key historical events in Asian American history and how they inform the current cultural, social, political, and educational climates for Asian Americans the ability to discuss and analyze representations of Asian Americans in literature and media within the proper historical, social, intellectual, and/or cultural contexts the ability to identify and evaluate how Asian American identities intersect with concepts such as race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality, class, and labor the ability to discuss Asian American experiences and issues using appropriate vocabulary as outlined in the textbook Keywords for Asian American Studies , other academic texts, and in-class lectures knowledge of how Asian American history and experiences intersect with other communities of color and American history at large Required Texts and Media BOOKS (E-books are fine, of course.) Contemporary Asian America, Third Edition, Ed. Zhou and Ocampo (ISBN: 978-1-4798-2622-3) Keywords for Asian American Studies , Ed. Schlund-Vials, Vo, and Wong (ISBN: 978- 1-4798-0328-6)
Kwong 2 MEDIA (Recommended streaming services some will require a subscription or purchase.) YouTube Netflix Amazon Prime Hulu There are other streaming services, but most media I use in my classes come from these sources. If you have any issues accessing any of the books or media for any reasons (e.g. internet access, financial difficulties), please let me know, and I will do my best to find alternate access or provide alternate materials. Additional materials will be posted or linked on Canvas. COVID-19 Policies This class follows the most current campus guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Complete information can be found here: https://www.iu.edu/covid/index.html . Please observe the following guidelines during class time: Wear a mask the entire time we are in class. The mask must cover your mouth and nose. Food is not permitted. Please eat before or after class. Covered drinks are okay. You may briefly remove your mask to take a sip but you must put it back on immediately. If you are sick and have COVID-19, flu, or cold symptoms, please stay home! All FAQs regarding everything COVID-related, including testing, can be found here: https://www.iu.edu/covid/faq/index.html . Attendance Policy Regular, ON-TIME attendance is strongly recommended for this course. Learning is an active process. You will build your knowledge and skills by being present and actively participating in every class. Also, we are only able to grow as an academic community if everyone is in regular attendance. Attendance will be taken every class but absences will not be penalized. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check Canvas and find out what you missed. Also, you are still responsible for submitting all assignments on time unless you've contacted me ahead of time. In cases of severe illness or emergency, including COVID-19, it is best to notify me as soon as possible, so we can determine how to proceed with your work without letting your situation negatively impact your course progress. Please also familiarize yourself with the following campus units' guidelines on attendance issues. Dean of Students Office on Attendance Issues: https://studentaffairs.indiana.edu/student-support/dean-of- students/attendance.html IU Student Health Center's Medical Excuse Policy: https://healthcenter.indiana.edu/about/policies/excuse-policy.html
Kwong 3 Tardies: Excessive tardies or leaving class early is frowned upon. A basic expectation of enrolling in a course is that you will attend the entire scheduled class time. If you are late or need to leave early, please contact me ahead of time and enter or leave quietly. Inclement Weather & Class Cancellations: It is your responsibility to check e-mail, Canvas, the IU website, etc., to check on the status of the university in case of inclement weather. Obviously, if the university is closed, we will not have class. In the event of class cancellations, weather-related and otherwise, I will notify you ASAP via Canvas announcements and messages. Electronic Devices Policies I welcome the use of electronic devices for class purposes, including taking notes, accessing Canvas or e- versions of textbooks, and the use of Google Docs during small group work. However, I do have the following rules: 1) Cell phone use: Please do not take phone calls or text during class. Schedule any important calls before or after class time. 2) Regarding laptops, e-readers, etc: These devices should only be used for class purposes as mentioned above. I reserve the right to ask you to put away your devices when I deem appropriate. For example, if we are watching a film or TV episode during class, I may ask you to put your devices away. 3) No recording or photos without permission. Unless you have documentation from the Office of Disability Services for Students, recording audio or video during class is NOT permitted. If you need to take a picture of something written on the board or a powerpoint slide, please ask first. Classroom Behavior and Etiquette Be respectful and professional. Anyone disrupting the class in any way, including not following current campus COVID-19 guidelines, may be asked to leave. Sensitive, controversial, and tough issues may be discussed in this course, and a strong sense of respect for everyone, instructor and students, is essential to cultivating a cordial learning community. Resources for the Writing and Learning Process I encourage you to visit a tutor in-person or virtually at Writing Tutorial Services (WTS) for feedback on your work at any stage of the writing process. Their incredibly valuable services are free to all IU students. WTS is not a proofreading service. Rather, tutors do something much more valuable: they assist you in developing your ideas and skills in written communication. For the most up-to-date info on their services, you can check their website ( www.indiana.edu/~wts ). You can also check out the Academic Support Center (ASC) for tutoring options and more resources to help you succeed in your coursework. ( https://academicsupport.indiana.edu/ )
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