Thinking like a sociologist

How important is your social environment for your understanding of violence? What social groups were the most important for your development? Using the symbolic interactionist and micro sociology perspectives, please explain to what extent society can use their findings and ideas to intervene in contemporary problems faced by children? In our social environment for understanding violence can play a big role in kids today. It can be a big deal because kids learn from there social environment. If that environment has a lot of violence in it then they tend to be more violent in their everyday life and interactions. Same goes for the opposite if it is a happier friendlier environment, they tend to be friendlier and nicer. In the article there said the years that negative social environment can affects kids the most is 1-2 years of age. When kids watch too much tv it can be over-stimulating for the brain, and it can lead to cognitive difficulties. I think what society can do to help with the problem is instead of putting kids in front of the TV all day as a distraction have them play a game or build something with blocks. There are different ways to make sure that kids are entertained and still stay healthy. Watching TV can affect kids in dramatic ways by making them less social, more violent and struggles with communication. Watching some TV is not bad, but the recommended time is no more than 2 to 3 hours a day. What are the main ideas of the theory? Why does this appeal to you? How did you perceive these ideas before you read the chapter on the theories? I read Harriet Martineau on the sociological theory that she was famous for in Chapter 1 of the textbook. Harriet's main ideas were on women rights and different issues she was fighting for. Harriet was a feminist and did not like or encourage slavery at all. She main goals were that she wanted women to have the same rights as men do. This idea appeals to me because if people like her do not stand up for their rights or had fought for women rights, I would have no rights as a woman in society. If I did not have rights than I would not be taking this class, working full time, or be able to vote in the next election. The one thing I did love is she published several of books in her lifetime. Before I read the chapter on the theories, I had never really thought much about my rights as a woman. I have never really been thankful for what the women did in society to get the rights that they did in their time. I am very thankful I have rights and for what they did. I am able to get any job that I want and not be overlooked by a man because he is the superior gender compared to skill level. I can do what I want to do in life. If I want to travel I can I do not have to be tied down to one thing or one person to support me for the rest of my life. Choose one of the theories listed in chapter 1 and briefly describe it's major tenets. Analyze Du Bois' work through the lens of that theory. How would [chosen theory - conflict, functional, symbolic interactionism, or feminist] theorists respond to Du Bois' work? Would they say he was correct in his analysis of African Americans in the U.S? Why or why not? I chose Harriet Matuneau as the theories from chapter 1. She talked about feminist and how she wanted the women to have the right that they deserved. She helped start a revolution to fight women imprisonment in their social life. She started the spark in many people to fight for their rights and fight for their freedoms. Because of this woman gained the right to do just about anything a man can do. Harriet was able to take a stand for women and help them understand books that may have been hard. She translated a book that most could not understand and helped
people out there understand it. This was a huge step to gaining trust in the eyes of women. This relates to DuBois because it was a fight for equality for African American. In the end he was the first African American to receive a Ph.D. from Harvard. I think the feminist theory would fit here because DuBois wanted freedoms like the white men and have African Americans be free while in the U.S. Harriet Matuneau also wanted rights for women which relates to what DuBois was trying to do with the African Americans. Both of them wanted freedoms and to help the people achieve a voice and a say in their life. Some of them just needed the help and courage to take a stand for what is right and what is wrong. Often people think of Karl Marx as a communist who supported the downfall of capitalism. Because the communist revolutions have largely failed in many parts of the world, especially in Russia, many assume that Marx's theories and their successors in sociology (i.e. conflict theory) are not useful for understanding the world. Is this correct? Why or why not? [HINT: Be sure to carefully examine the section in chapter 1 about conflict theory before answering this question . Karl Marx had a different perspective and understanding of the world. I think he had this perspective and understanding by living in it. He had some really good point on how the world works. He talked about capitalists and how the wealth is in only some of the people hands. The people that worked for the capitalists' struggle, but the people cannot do anything because they need the money. Capitalists only benefit a few not the whole. If the people wanted to protest their rights and freedoms or more pay, they could not do so. They were barely staying afloat and barely had enough money to live on. In Karl Marx's opinion Communism was the way to go. Communism has its pros and cons and for some seems like a good plan. With how Russia ran things it did not work. No matter how hard the people worked you had to share everything with your neighbors and the community. This causes problems because you will have the go getters that will work extra hard to get a little extra and then you have the people who do not put any effort in and get the same as the people who did. This caused major issues and it eventually fell apart because you had people who did not care anymore. Someone else will feed me and my family I do not need to work as hard.
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