#3 - Tokugawa-3-1

Sociology 363 Culture of Japan Video Reflections #3 Tokugawa Period Videos Below are prompts for your video reflections on the Tokugawa period videos. All these sets of reflections are each worth 20 points. This set is due on Wednesday, September 20 by the end of the day and can be submitted on Canvas. 1. Describe the city of Edo during the Tokugawa era. What was the main factor that led to the growth of the city? 2. What are the distinguishing features of Bunraku and Kabuki? Which group of people found both forms of theatre appealing? 3. What was ukiyo-e? Who were the two most famous ukiyo-e artists? 4. What are the basic rules of haiku? 5. What do you find fascinating about Tokugawa art and literature?
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