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Which parenting style as discussed by Lamanna, Stewart, and Riedmann (2021) did you experience growing up? If you have children, which style do you relate to most? How can the Bible be used to inform parenting? Provide a scriptural reference. I would say my parents used the style referred to as authoritative parenting. My parents were always very positive to me, and I think being raised by a psychologist also made it a very healthy way to grow up. She educated my dad, and was very sensitive to my needs, even when I did not know what I needed. Overall, my parents have always been very supportive and encouraging. But also they had fair and reasonable limits set for me, and consequences for acting outside of these limits. They recall that some of the time, I felt so bad for disobeying the rules and was so hard on myself that they did not need to add consequences. An example was when I showed my mom an empty chocolate chip bag stuffed in a drawer in my bathroom, and told on myself, saying that I ate the entire bag! Talking to them helped the guilt, and they could see I did not need consequences to avoid doing this in the future. Another time, I had taken a tin of chocolate almonds and hidden it in my bathroom. One morning, my mom found the dog licking it clean, with nothing left in the tin. She called my school and pulled me out of class to ask how full it was. Our dog had to go to the vet ER to get treated as both chocolate and almonds are toxic to dogs. I worked off the amount of the vet bill little by little, doing extra chores to pay it off. Both situations seemed fair to me. The combination of my mom being a psychologist and the fact that this parenting style uses emotional support were helpful and likely why I am so in tune with my emotions nowadays. The Bible tells us to discipline our children for the good of the children and the family. Proverbs 29:17 says, "Discipline your children, and they will give you peace; they will bring you the delights you desire" (ESV Bible, 2001). Thus, discipline is considered to be godly, and something that is good for children and their parents alike.
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