Quiz 8 CRJ 400

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CRJ 400
Oct 22, 2023
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Quiz 8 Due Oct 22 at 11:59pm Points 6 Questions 6 Available Oct 16 at 12am - Oct 22 at 11:59pm Time Limit None Attempt History Attempt Time Score LATEST Attempt 1 10 minutes 6 out of 6 Score for this quiz: 6 out of 6 Submitted Oct 21 at 10:39am This attempt took 10 minutes. Question 1 1/1pts As a child, Sally did not develop strong attachments with others. Billy did develop strong attachments to others when he was a child. Both Billy and Sally are involved in school sports and clubs. Who is least likely to behave inappropriately? Sally Correct! Billy Neither one is least likely to behave inappropriately. Both are likely to behave inappropriately. Question 2 1/1pts Travis Hirschi argued that the element of the social bond that is most important is
belief commitment Correctl attachment involvement Question 3 1/1 pts theory emphasizes personal or socialization factors that prevent individuals from engaging in selfish, antisocial behaviors. Correctl Control Learning Neutralization Differential association Question 4 171 pts Examples of positive reinforcement for good behavior include a child doing the dishes in order to stop his mother's nagging Correctl a parent praising their child for getting a good grade in school a parent telling their child, "l told you studying was a good idea' a child demanding a financial reward
Question 5 171 pts bonds caused a person to commit crimes according to Hirschi. Strong Social Primitive Correct! Weak Question 6 171 pts Which of the following is TRUE of Hirschi's social bond element of belief? People who feel like a course of action is against their moral beliefs are more likely to pursue it. People have similar beliefs about most forms of criminal activity. It is one of the least examined aspects of the social bond. Correctl It is one of the most consistently supported aspects of the social bond. Quiz Score: 6 out of 6
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