Jodi Arias Case Observation

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Oct 10, 2023
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Jodi Arias Case Observation Tamiya Lee The Criminal Justice System (SCJU-101N-01) Dr. Franklyn Scott Jul 20, 2023
Jodi Arias Case Domestic violence is a felony that involves aggressive, abusive, or bullying behavior toward a spouse or former partner to exert control over them. The story of Jodi Arias is an example of domestic violence that occurred in June 2008. Travis Alexander's ex-girlfriend was Jodi Arias. Jodi Arias was found guilty of murdering her lover Travis in his Arizona home. Before they split up, the two were in a long-distance romance. Alexander's acquaintances who had witnessed the two stated Jodi arias' behavior was concerning in the relationship. Now of his death, the victim was injured by Jodi arias. According to the court hearing, Jodi arias murdered her ex-boyfriend, as detailed below. Alexander was assassinated at his Arizona home. Alexander informed his pals in early 2008 that Aria would accompany him on a business trip on June 15th. However, in April, Alexander substituted another female for Aria as her female companion for the work trip. Aria was displeased about this. She even started stalking Alexander, which made Alexander uncomfortable. Arias called Alexander on June 2nd, 2008, then later that day leased a car and drove to Utah to meet Ryan Burns and attend a PPL work conference. Aria had wounds on her hand, which Ryan noticed. Ryan was also worried that Alexander did not participate in a conference call on June 4th. Alexander's pals were concerned and planned to visit him at his home in Arizona on June 9th. In the master bathroom, they discovered a big puddle of blood. Alexander suffered between 27 and 29 knife wounds, a slashed neck, and a gunshot wound.
On June 7th, Aria returned the automobile. On May 28th, Arias's house was burglarized, and firearm went missing before being discovered on the scene. Aria's leased automobile was discovered to have bloodstains. Arias was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison in 2015. From a theoretical standpoint This was a first-degree murder case involving Robert Agnew's general strain hypothesis. Robert Merton developed the universal strain theory from the strain theory. Merton felt that society might favor behaviors, and he was primarily interested in economics. Later, Agnew thought Merton's theory was too broad and didn't account for criminal behavior. According to the general strain hypothesis, persons who are stressed get agitated or upset, which may cause them to commit a crime to cope. The primary causes of stress were the absence of positive stimuli, the appearance of negative stimuli, and the inability to achieve the intended aim. Agnew contended that these stresses would cause unpleasant feelings that would drive individuals to commit crimes (Agnew, & Brezina,2019). The general strain theory is well demonstrated in this situation. First, Jodi desired Alexander for herself, but she was disappointed to learn that Alexander was already involved with another lady. This was causing Jodi stress. As a result, Jodi formed unfavorable feelings about this and was willing to go to any length to guarantee that Alexander had no one other than her in his life. She crept into her house and even trailed him to make sure there was no other lady there. When this was insufficient, she went so far as to murder Alexander to relieve the tension of seeing him with another woman.
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