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BUS 374
Oct 22, 2023
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Taylar Rojas Over the past three decades child obesity has tripled in the united states. With how newer generations get older more children and adults look to the easier "norm's" and influences they see. A lot of those include staying home, sitting snacking, or staying glued to a screen. A great community activity people could participate in is; access to free classes at least once a month, in a way this could be similar to a farmers market, where vendors who have the abilities and/or the different talents they could share with the community to get people to leave their houses and get off of their couches. My primary doctor has mentioned to me many ways to stay physically active and I have often shared my thoughts regarding the new generations and their lack of staying physically active. She shared with me that if the community would get involved more, we would see a huge difference in child & adult obesity. She also had mentioned if we could see more commercials regarding healthier food, to make it more appetizing. Several new norms have spread across America, starting with idolizing thicker bodies "healthy." In a way yes they could be healthy, but at the same time someone's healthy could be disguised and be depression, an eating disorder, child obesity that was never addressed during childhood. A thicker body can indicate health but that depends on the person and how they perceive themselves. Child and Adult Obesity has had a huge effect on America's society. Obesity has had an effect on not only mental health but health overall. With mental health being affected a lot of people find the excuse or a reason on why staying physically active is a hard choice for them to make. They think it is too hard for them to start so they give up. Empathize Test Prototype Define Ideate
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