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Study Annotations SOC 9883 - Week 13 Professor Andrew Murphy Submission Date: 23 October 2018 Samuel Davis Kaisley
Study Annotations - SOC Week 13 Introduction For Study Annotations You are in charge of a government program focused on reducing this risk through any means necessary. You find yourself in the middle of a space battle. You don't know much about them other than they seem to have an obsession with first-edition books and are often very old. Assembled two weeks ago by this impetuous and conceited prince, "Glorious George" has led your party of ten travelers across the countryside to find a legendary haunted castle filled with untold treasure, magical weapons, and beautiful damsels in distress. You've been doing this long enough to know you should be afraid, and you race back to the ship in time, along with a few lucky souls. But these sprites are suddenly going back on their promise, the old woman says, and she fears she is next. Here, species of all kinds—aliens from across the galaxy—live in peace and unity. But during one battle against her arch nemesis that was televised live on the news, she summons the mist, and they both disappear completely. To some, "The Big Bad." He's left a long line of bodies in his wake while taking over gin joint after gin joint, and now he's coming your way. As one of the unaffected humans, you must hunt the infected humans if you are to survive. The man nods a greeting to her. It is up to you and your band of cats to reestablish peace in the world. There is a massive sell-off the likes of which you have never seen before. "Then you have come to the right place, my dear. There are five, maybe six young dragon carcasses, but that's not the problem. In the future, Earth is thrown into another Ice Age during which humanity loses its technological advancements and historical records. When a young woman at one of the parties your parents dragged you to approaches you offering just that, you are inclined to listen. However, you never anticipated that your true love would become the one thing you were trained to kill. As much as you love her and want to help her, you fear that you don't have enough magic left within you to bring about the son Anne needs to keep her crown — and her head on her shoulders. The first time it happened was in the middle of a basketball game. As you reach your own lands, you see a beanstalk growing where it hadn't been before, and you hurry toward it. During that time, multiple generations have lived and died. You turn your head to see a large white wolf emerging from the wilderness. Until you meet a dangerous vampire, who tells you he can help you unlock your powers... if you'll become his permanent blood-snack. 1
Study Annotations - SOC Week 13 Questions For Study Annotations Instructions : But nothing else is the same. In that instant, you realize that you have entered the underworld. The walls are covered with newspaper clippings detailing disasters that were averted over the years, and he tells you that, as a young man, he had a very exciting life. Question 1 : What spice would you be if you were a spice? a. During your journey, the landscape starts changing in unexpected ways. b. You two are not like the other kids, with their computers and gaming consoles. c. You don't run or scream, but you can't understand why. Question 2 : What aim do you believe humanity is not sufficiently focused on achieving? a. You broke it off with him before you left for college and, although it was weird to go back to the real world, you knew it was the right thing to do. b. Then, out of nowhere, your ship is suddenly confronted with military spacecraft, with guns aimed at you. c. Curious, you enter, and find an old man behind the counter selling small, cloudy looking bottles with something strange swirling within them. Question 3 : What fashion trend either makes you grimace or make you chuckle every time you see it? a. However, as their numbers dwindled, the gods soon realized that it was easier to give birth to demigods and have them slay one another until the last demigod standing is struck down by his parent, thereby ending the Elder Titan's divine feast and setting the stage for a new generation of demigods to be birthed. b. Among other things, you were always teased for your inability to make the simplest of potions and your repeated mispronunciation of different spells. c. Yet the lineage is cut short when the queen's fifth pregnancy ends in another stillbirth. 2
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