MakangaFactors Influencing the Performance of Youth Owned Small Businesses Initiatives-39

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Nov 11, 2023
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28 CHAPTER THREE RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 3.1 Introduction The section contains methodology. This included the research design, site description, target population, sample size, sampling frame and procedure, sample size, data collection method, data collection tools, reliability and data analysis, data presentation methods and ethical considerations. 3.2 Research Design Cooper and Schindler (2014) views design as guide or roadmap to lead the investigator in the research process. Mugenda and Mugenda (2003) terms design as the frame work, plan or blue print used by the researcher to achieve the purpose. It is the strategy used by a researcher to explore questions related to how the study would be effectively implemented, the key issues to be examined included what, where, when, who, why questions. A research design clarifies the population, the nature of sampling technique to be employed, the techniques to be used to collect data, methods that was utilized in analyzing data (Cooper & Schindler, 2003). The study used descriptive research design for it determines and reports things exactly as they are (Mugenda and Mugenda, 2003). It enabled the researcher to collect data rapidly and be able to understand the whole universe from its sample and it gives an overview of representativeness of the sample from the population of study (Travers, 1978). 3.3 Site description The site of the research was Mathare Informal settlement (MIS) in Nairobi County, Kenya. Mathare is among the oldest informal settlements in Nairobi. MIS mainly covers Mathare valley which is curved out by the Mathare River and it lies in North West of Nairobi, about 5 kms from Nairobi Central Business District. MIS lies between Thika super highway to the north, Juja road to the south. The geographical location of the area of study was comprised of 13 villages with different social economic status namely; Mathare area 1, Mathare area 2, Kosovo, Bondeni, Mathare 3C, Mathare 4A, 4B, Mathare No. 10,
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