SOCI-2023-Academic Records

Academic Records SOCI 2023 - Week 10 Dr. Adam Moore Submission Date: 29 July 2019 Daniel Jackson Coraline
Academic Records - SOCI Week 10 Introduction For Academic Records You convince the city leaders to allow you to negotiate peace on their behalf. He implored his court mage to cast a spell—any spell—that would grant his greatest warrior the ability to fight again. In a world of angels and demons, humans are a rare commodity, and any who survived The Great War are in hiding. Your spell worked, transporting the president out of harm's way... but where is he? You walk downstairs to search the theater. When you receive a broken radio transmission from some of your men who have somehow survived the swarm for now, you must decide if you should wait out the insects or try to save your men. One day, while out riding your bike, you spot one such creature beached on the sand. "'Glorious George and The Dark Castle' — what do you think? Is it a good title for the song?" The bard looks at George, hopeful. If this door does what you think it does, it has a value beyond any weapon, any planet, and any entire system. Lord Dartaan is a dolt, and everyone fears this trait may have been passed on to his daughter, so there's no danger of your father pairing you with her. You are a child growing up in a small town. You hear a faint "thank you" as the dolls go back to their original positions and the room becomes dead quiet again. You've rarely succeeded in reuniting with loved ones from the past, but this time something feels different when your best friend confesses that she has gained the ability to remember past lives as well, and that someone like you was a part of most of them. You've never been anywhere near Argentina or interacted with anyone who has. You hope that your dream was not a premonition. It might be a little immoral, but it is better to know versus not knowing. You don't want anyone to know what you can do. The first time it happened was in the middle of a basketball game. If there's one thing you hate about your culture, it's the arranged marriages. It's hard work, but seeing the world makes it all worthwhile... until the hurricane hits. You haven't met any other superhumans, so you go out of your way to hide your powers from others while still completing deliveries in record time and earning generous tips. After investigating, you find out there is something possibly much more devious going on. But the most intriguing bits of gossip come from the maids who work in the house itself. You glance at your watch again. At first, the gods sacrificed themselves to satisfy the Elder Titan. 1
Academic Records - SOCI Week 10 Questions For Academic Records Instructions : Although these magical beings conceal their true identity from others, you can always tell who they are just by their mannerisms and demeanor. But you've been here ten weeks now and have finally started receiving responses from the Capital, drifting back across the void. However, the town mage's unnatural longevity eventually became your burden, as you waited decades for him to pass his title on to you. Question 1 : What is the name of an eight-sided shape? Octagon is the correct answer. a. Due to successive plagues across Europe, its governments were weakened and never sent explorers to the Americas. b. You knock on her door and soon meet the town witch. c. He is excited to have found you, repeating over and over again that his vision was right. Question 2 : Which animal has the most eyes? Giant Squid is the correct answer. a. You quickly lift your rifle, aim it at the growling creature, and slowly back away. b. There's also no return journey yet, which is why they send mostly criminals and anyone else crazy enough to go. c. Eventually she mentions that all she needs is one last jigsaw piece contained within a soul that only a soul harvester can possess. Question 3 : Your friend got you a jumper that they knitted themselves for your birthday. You find it repulsive. Do you inform them? a. When you crawl out, you find yourself facing what seems to be a modern caveman. b. You gasp again but, in a blink, they're back on. c. Soon your brethren will be liberated from this infernal prison. 2
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