Social distance and society (31)

Page 1 SOC: Diagram 1 What is the scientific name of the knee cap? a. Foramen Magnum b. Femur c. Scapula d. !Patella 2 Which of the following languages does NOT use gender as a part of its grammar? a. Danish b. Polish c. !Turkish d. German 3 Unlike on most salamanders, this part of a newt is flat? a. Teeth b. Head c. Feet d. !Tail 4 Which variant of the MP5 is depicted in CounterStrike 1.6? a. MP5SD b. !MP5N c. MP5K d. MP5RAS 5 What is the stage name of New Zealand singer Phillipa quot;Pipquot; Brown? a. Lorde b. !Ladyhawke c. Kesha d. Anika Moa 6 Who played quot;Charlie Pricequot; in the musical quot;Kinky Bootsquot; on Broadway in New York from May 26th Aug 6th 2017? a. !Brendon Urie b. Ed Sheeren c. Dallon Weekes d. Tom Cruise 7 What song originally performed by The Bee Gees in 1978 had a cover version by Steps 20 years later? a. You Should Be Dancing b. Night Fever c. Stayin039; Alive d. !Tragedy 8 Which countries participated in the Lobster War? a. Australia and New Zealand b. !France and Brazil c. Canada and Norway d. United States and England 9 What bird is born with claws on its wing digits? a. Cormorant b. Secretary bird c. !Hoatzin d. Cassowary
Page 2 10 Who was the Director of the 1988 Anime film quot;Grave of the Firefliesquot;? a. Sunao Katabuchi b. !Isao Takahata c. Hayao Miyazaki d. Satoshi Kon 1 Painter Piet Mondrian 1872 1944 was a part of what movement? a. !Neoplasticism b. Impressionism c. Cubism d. Precisionism 2 Who wrote the novel quot;MobyDickquot;? a. William Shakespeare b. J. R. R. Tolkien c. !Herman Melville d. William Golding 3 What is the romanized Korean word for quot;heartquot;? a. !Simjang b. Aejeong c. Segseu d. Jeongsin 4 The Second Boer War in 1899 was fought where? a. Argentina b. !South Africa c. Bulgaria d. Nepal 5 Which car did not appear in the 2002 Lego Game: Drome Racers? a. Behemoth b. Raptor c. !Wasp d. Hornet 6 Which day in quot;Papers, Pleasequot; does the man in red appear? a. Day 17 b. Day 20 c. Day 15 d. !Day 23 7 In 2014, over 6 million General Motors vehicles were recalled due to what critical flaw? a. Faulty brake pads b. !Faulty ignition switch c. Breaking fuel lines d. Malfunctioning gas pedal 8 In the quot;PAYDAYquot; series, what is the real name of the character known as quot;Dallasquot;? a. Nolan Stuhlinger b. Nate Siemens c. Nick Stamos d. !Nathan Steele 9 Townsend Coleman provided the voice for which turtle in the original 1987 series of quot;Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesquot;?
Page 3 a. Leonardo b. Raphael c. !Michelangelo d. Donatello 10 In which classic novel by Mark Twain did a beggar and Prince of Wales switch clothes, and learn about social class inequality? a. !The Prince and the Pauper b. A Modern Twain Story c. Hamlet d. Wealthy Boy and the Schmuck 1 In the Beatrix Potter books, what type of animal is Tommy Brock? a. Fox b. !Badger c. Frog d. Rabbit 2 What age was King Henry V when he died? a. 73 b. 87 c. !35 d. 62 3 The key of sharps does the key of G minor contain? a. 0 b. 7 c. !5 d. 3 4 What engine is in the Lexus SC400? a. 2JZGTE b. !1UZFE c. 5MGE d. 7MGTE 5 In quot;Haloquot;, what is the name of the planet which Installation 04 orbits? a. Te b. !Threshold c. Substance d. Sanghelios 6 What is the unit of electrical inductance? a. Weber b. Mho c. !Henry d. Coulomb 7 Which RAID array type is associated with data mirroring? a. RAID 0 b. RAID 10 c. RAID 5 d. !RAID 1 8 In the quot;Jurassic Parkquot; universe, what was the first dinosaur cloned by InGen in 1986? a. Troodon b. Brachiosaurus
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