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Nov 10, 2023
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Residency: Case Study Attached Files: MSDS 532 APA 7 student paper template.docx A (156.724 KB) Bellabeat Case Study Individual Assignment Read through the Anderson (n.d.) case study thoroughly. Ensure you follow the links to additional analysis, evidence, graphs, and so on. Also, it is important to remember that it is far easier to find fault in others' work than it is to do the work yourself. There are two sections of potential topics. From the first section, choose one of the topics. Discuss all of the topics in section 2. Section 1 • What is driving this project? (What drives a data science project?) Explain. Consider the stages presented in this course for data science projects. Connect each of these stages to the stages used in this case study. Explain each connection you make. Consider the suggestions that the case study analyst provided. Section 2 • What evidence in the analysis supports each of the suggestions? Explain. • If you feel that there is insufficient evidence to support one of the suggestions. Explain. Regarding the scatter plots used in this case study: Several scatter plots have many overlapping data points. Is it possible to accurately interpret a plot like this? Explain. Justify your reasoning. • The scatter plots are labeled with a value the author assigned to R2. The author later identifies this as a measure of "correlation." Pearson's product-moment correlation coefficient is the score most refer to as "correlation." However, there are many formal statistical tests for correlation, so it's always important to specify which type is used. The metric identified as R2 is not used for any of the formal statistical tests for correlation. However, in linear regression, where there is one independent and one dependent variable, the coefficient of determination (R2) is the absolute value of the score for Pearson's product- moment correlation coefficient (the results of which is called the rho value or r). Whether using linear regression or Pearson's product-moment correlation, there are several formal statistical assumptions that the data must meet. In particular, both of these analysis methods are extremely susceptible to the influence of outliers.
Based on the plots and this information, what can you determine regarding the results associated with these plots and scores? Explain. Feel free to collect the data and conduct your own analysis. If you do, ensure that you state that you did this in your paper and indicate where you retrieved the data from. Here's an example of how to do that, "Data used in this analysis was derived from Author (date)." If you used data from an external source but modified it (i.e., cleaning), then you might annotate it this way, "Data used in this analysis was adapted from Author (date)." Then add this external data source as a reference in the reference section. Read what APA has published regarding annotating this type of reference. The assignment requirements, the necessary evidence, and the basis for grading are as follows. Document your ideas in a formal student paper per the requirements of APA (2020; better known as APA 7). Your properly documented formal paper shall be between two and three pages, excluding the cover and reference pages. A student paper template has been provided; use it. When documenting your ideas, use evidence to justify your reasoning. If you are not aware, evidence in writing is usually derived from others' ideas more succinctly stated-when it is appropriate to paraphrase and cite an external source. You need evidence when you present information as if it is a fact. When you use external sources, unless you're writing a literature review or bibliography, the entire purpose of an external source is to use their ideas as evidence to support your ideas. That brings me to the final point regarding the assignment requirements-how the work is assessed. When you are graded for your work, it is based on your ability to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts the assigned topics represent. Examples are one of the easier methods to demonstrate your understanding. When you regurgitate the words of others while presenting no or very few ideas of your own, you have not demonstrated understanding. You have demonstrated the ability to regurgitate.
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