EDCO 806 P REMARITAL P ROJECT : F INAL S UBMISSION A SSIGNMENT I NSTRUCTIONS O VERVIEW Develop a curriculum or treatment manual (created in Microsoft Word) related to marital education/therapy intervention for premarital or remarital couples. This is an opportunity to determine, incorporate, and apply the most important elements of premarital education. The average premarital/remarital training will include approximately 7 sessions (2 hours each) of didactic material and interactive exercises; a therapeutic marital group will have approximately 6-10 weeks of sessions (1 hour per week). The final submission must include an introduction that gives a description of and rationale for the target audience as well as a description of the appropriate setting for implementing the curriculum. In addition, you must share your personal philosophy used to develop the curriculum and biblical support for the curriculm (even if the target population is not Christian). The curriculum must address key premarital issues with clearly-articulated weekly topics and logical, insightful points. Use multimodalities (e.g., exercises, media) in your curriculum. Be sure the curriculum is grammatically correct and includes adequate support from research. The audio/visual presentation portion of the assignment must be well-organized and must clearly communicate the project information. Be professional in the design, layout, and appearance of your presentation; do not use excessive text. Be sure the number of slides is appropriate for covering the curriculum, and build points gradually instead of all at once. I NSTRUCTIONS The final submission must meet the following requirements: 1. Provides enough detail that it could be used by a layperson to provide training 2. Includes a biblical worldview 3. Includes PowerPoint slides, Slate, Prezi, or other audio/visual elements to augment the program 4. Provides proper citations in APA format for borrowed concepts and principles 5. Demonstrates consideration of the duration and the purpose of the curriculum in planning the program The final submission must include a detailed description of each point that will be included in the program. Include questions that will be asked; media, videos, handouts, etc. that will be used; and participant exercises. Provide a debriefing for each media and exercise, such as follow-up questions to stimulate dialogue.
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