Statement # 2, If we end upbecome just like our p

Statement # 2, If we end up/become just like our parents, then we haven't really made progress. Some people are concerned that success for yourself is to become better than your parents, otherwise you will not make the progress. I disagree with these concussions. How to define success? Actually, it depends on different people. Everyone is unique and special. The success is not always due to the high income, good paid jobs and the social connection; instead, having a happy life, becoming a nice person to help others also can be the successful life goal. Everyone will have a wonderful life and live happily enough to be treated as a success. It depends on the type of person your parents are (as role models). Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple Inc., was worth $10.80 billion a few years ago. Apple is already at the cutting edge of mobile phones, high-tech, and artificial intelligence in the world today; while the most inventive corporation, well ahead of what others can do. I'm sure his offspring didn't make so much money on their own and instead founded another major firm to contribute to our planet. If Steve Jobs were still alive, he would wish for his children to have a happy existence. Everyone can establish their unique life route instead of copying their parents'. In the meantime, we live in a different era than our parents. They got success by following their life route; the time had changed. If I just follow their route to get success, it is more likely that I will fail on it. In my personal experience, I would like to go with my future with finance. I feel interested in it and I will chase my fascination in college even to work. My mom was a jewelry designer and she successfully established her own company. My parents did not push me to go with design stuff instead they suggested that I find my favorite things to do. Going ahead with your life path affects you to be successful. Some people
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