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Describe how the seven basic tasks of strategic police management in the community policing era are implemented in a law enforcement agency in your area. Give examples of at least three functions that you consider the practical applications of the process. (2023) says community policing can be implemented by decentralizing how the department patrols the area. They need to select the right people to work in the community. There needs to be good supervision for the department. The department should make plans to build a closer relationship with the community. Citizen policing is a combined effort by the police and the community. This relationship can enhance communication among the police and the community. Community policing needs to be worked on daily. Law enforcement needs to focus on the community to get an interpersonal relationship. Building a relationship benefits everyone in the community. It will benefit everyone in the community. People are more apt to help when there is a close relationship with the police. The community, along with the police, can make a plan to have a strong neighborhood. To make a community the best it can be, there should be a block party to meet the department. The community should be invited to have an advisory board. The department should be more transparent with the community. (2023, December 21). 23 on 2023: A police leadership playbook Strategies for success in 23 key areas of policing. review/articles/23-on-2023-a-police-leadership-playbook-TQmPsQQUkdm04LC8/
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